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2017: The Happiest Year

(Last Updated On: 02/02/2019)

As the curtains fall on another year (how has it come around so quickly?!), it’s time to reflect on what 2017 meant to me.


Firstly, I got engaged!!! Hallelujah! After fifteen years, I’d given up hope that Adam would ever put a ring on it and in April I got the ultimate surprise proposal in our “special place” Stratford-Upon-Avon.




We go to Stratford-Upon-Avon every year and the day was everything I could have imagined, with glistening sunshine, a picnic among the flowers and the idyllic hometown of William Shakespeare. I think I am still in shock about the proposal, hence the lack of tears (I cry at everything) but it really was perfect. Adam didn’t quite go down on one knee as we were in a rowboat on the River Avon but I certainly did feel like Ariel from the Little Mermaid as he meandered the boat under a willow tree.






Adam and I met 16 years ago on Christmas Eve (I was wearing devil horns) and 16 years later he still means the absolute world to me. I had no idea that our chance meeting at a nightclub when I was 17 would still be going strong all these years later.


I’m always told I’ve got lovely hands (probably due to lack of washing up at home) so it’s nice to show off my new sparkler!

There are no wedding plans as of yet, which not only goes to prove I’m no Bridezilla but I’m also extremely unorganised! Though, if you want a nosey you can read my fairytale engagement and must I say, cliche happiest day of my life by clicking here.





I love the euphoric atmosphere you get from going to a gig, being at one with the music and the people around you. In May I danced the night away to Sean Da Paul at Common People Festival in Oxford with my raving crew!


I also saw The Killers with Adam. But, the ultimate cherry was finally being able to see Guns n Roses live, a band who I never thought I’d see reform let alone gig in the U.K.

Rock n Roll


I was in my absolute element watching Axl, Slash & co light up the stage with the same adrenaline they had in the 90s. I mean does Slash even age?!


Mum and I were in our element as we danced the night away. Watching the videos back with Slash going full throttle on the electric guitar still brings a smile to my face and a glint in my eyes as I write this post. Similarly to getting engaged, this is another day I’d like to relive and on both days the sun was shining bright, which in Britain is a blessing in itself!



This blog was created from my love of travel and I was delighted to finally bring this passion to The Life of a Social Butterfly in June. As I work full-time, I was apprehensive that I would be able to bring the travel element to my blog, though since June I visited three countries (two I’d never visited before) and five new cities. I can also say I’ve ventured further north than Nottingham now too after my solo trip to the Lake District for my WMGT adventure weekend.


Adam and I were blown away by the beauty of Croatia when we stayed in Dubrovnik. In all honesty, it was one of the most stunning places I’ve visited with beautiful architecture, scenery and the friendliest people. It is somewhere we’d both like to return.




Lisbon is a city that appeals to my cultural side as well as my love of shopping and, it is somewhere I can see me returning for many birthdays to come!




Talking of shopping, I was ecstatic to be chosen as one of three U.K. bloggers to go The Netherlands with Visit Holland on a fashion and food trip! It was my first trip to The Netherlands and I loved exploring Den Bosch and The Hague, two very different cities. This trip really left its mark on me and I can’t wait to explore the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens in Lisse when I return to The Netherlands with my Mum at Easter.



It’s easy to go to the opening of an envelope when you’re new to the blogging scene, as you’re so keen to get your blog out there. As my blog has slowly grown over the year I’ve not only been able to narrow my niche to topics I love, predominantly travel, fashion and food, I have found myself being invited to more and more local events. This has enabled me to invite loved ones to local events to spend quality time and get them involved in my passions.

I’ve also had more time to spend with my little family…


I loved working with Milton Keynes Theatre, reviewing local eateries such as Epic Pub’s The Wheatsheaf & 185 Watling Street as well as the re-opening of Las Iguanas.

Nothing excited me more than getting the email from Whipsnade to review their new Elephant Care Centre and experience their Sunset Safari. Adam went as far to say I was more excited about the Whipsnade events than getting engaged…! I have to admit, I did fist-pump the air around the entire house, but I adore the elephants and Whipsnade holds many memories for me with my grandparents.




I have also been able to bring my passion for blogging and social media to my day job. I now look after my employers’ LinkedIn account and they are supporting me as I undertake a work-based Digital Marketing NVQ.


I can’t believe I only went to the gym on my own prior to starting this blog. I’ve overcome leaps and bounds flying out to The Netherlands on my own for my first press trip and going solo to the WMGT event in the Lake District. The WMGT weekend was particularly strenuous and I left my comfort zone as well as put my non-existent fitness levels to the test!






I also overcame my camping fears collaborating with GO Outdoors and the excitement of being approached by well-known brands to work together is something that makes me feel proud as well as all warm and fuzzy inside.


I’ve met some lovely people this year and, those closest as-well-as people I’ve met recently have helped support and shape what has been a truly wonderful year.


Looking back at my Real Reflection of 2016 post, I can see I needed to find my wings and build my confidence after a difficult year. In 2017 I really came into my own and enjoyed myself.


As we say bye to another year, my Fiancé and I are off to watch Pretty Woman at The Rex Cinema in Berkhamstead. I just hope I don’t cry, the break-up scene and Richard Gere charging down the street in the white limo gets me every time!

I did tell you I cry at everything!


Thanks to all who have read and commented on the blog as-well-as supported me on social media this year. I love each and every one of you!

I’m not quite sure how we can top 2017. After all, we did have proper snow this year (finally!)

Though, I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings and have already shared my travel highlights and 2018 bucklist on the post below:

The Life of a Social Butterfly Travels & Bucket List 2018

Hope your New Year’s Eve sparkles and wishing you all a happy & healthy 2018!


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