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The Miller & Carter Steakhouse Experience in Milton Keynes

Steakhouse chain, Miller & Carter recently opened a new restaurant in Milton Keynes. I was invited to review the new restaurant – Check out the food and enter the giveaway to win a £50 Miller & Carter voucher :


Lights Will Guide You to the Luma Concept Hotel Hammersmith

As the Coldplay sounding title suggests ‘lights will guide you home’, but why go home when you can enjoy an il-LUMA-nating home-away-from-home within close distance to Central London by staying at The Luma Concept Hotel in Hammersmith.   Sparked your…


185 Watling Street Towcester – Summer Menu Review

185 Watling Street, part of Epic Pubs, is a pub/restaurant located in the heart of Towcester, Northants. Discover the new summer food & cocktail menu…*Warning* post may cause insatiable desire for food & cocktails…


The Best Things to See and Do as a Tourist in Rotterdam …

A myriad of high rise buildings and modern architecture, Rotterdam may well make you reconsider every picture you had in your head of The Netherlands. Though, as a tourist, planning a trip can often leave you in a predicament of…


Rotterdam – Old Town Values in a City of Skyscrapers

Rotterdam is the second largest city in The Netherlands and is often compared to Amsterdam, the larger of the two cities. However, Rotterdam has its own story to tell, having been completely destroyed during World War II. This post will give you insight into the old town values of the…


The Netherlands: Exploring Eindhoven’s Innovative Restaurants & Retailers

Eindhoven is a city in The Netherlands best known for its world-renowned high-tech design innovations, bringing about new concepts and possibilities. But, how do these innovations reflect on their restaurants and retailers? I was invited by Visit Holland and Eindhoven…


24 hour Spring Break at the Dutch Keukenhof Tulip Gardens

A visit to the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens in The Netherlands is the perfect spring break. Exploring the beautiful tulip gardens gives the prime opportunity to be at one with nature and have a Spring getaway, away from the busy cities.…


Unpacking My Bag of Travel Essentials with WeSwap

There are certain travel essentials we all can’t live without, whether it’s headphones or a book.  Travel essentials are often personal to each traveller, whether you go away with everything bar the kitchen sink (like I do) and still forget…


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