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California Dream; Becoming a Reality…

(Last Updated On: 05/06/2016)

So it’s hit me I will be in California in less than 72 hours amongst the Californian girls with their Hollywood smiles, luscious blonde locks, long legs, toned abs and sun-kissed bodies!

Ok enough with the stereotypes but you catch my drift… Being the wrong side of thirty, with short legs, cellulite and enough split ends that by the time you’ve hacked them all out of my hair I’d be left with a crew-cut you can understand my dilemma…

Not to mention I still haven’t packed my case; talk about a crisis in the making! Though, not one to be easily defeated; I’d booked in for gel nails and eyebrows with my friend Kirstie, an appointment for a cut and colour at Texture Road and a spray tan with Love Your Tan. Aka almost a California Girl in the making with the spray tan hopefully making me look a bit slimmer!

Choosing what colour gel nail varnish to go for had me deliberating for the best part of twenty minutes, after all how the hell was I going to decide when I hadn’t even packed my suitcase. I finally opted for a turquoise colour, which I was hoping would not only give me holiday looking nails but would hopefully compliment the outfits I am yet to pack. 

Next up was eyebrows and having had a headache trying to ensure all my work was done prior to my two week break; I was dreading getting them done. Luckily my friend Kirstie knows what a nightmare I am with these things and made it as quick and painless as she could, leaving me with well sculpted brows.

A mad dash to the hairdressers on Saturday meant that not only had I not eaten before my likely four hour appointment but I didn’t even leave myself enough time to walk from my mums. Luckily, I gave mum a knock, she was back from work and kindly made me some toast and drove me to my appointment in time. Hallelujah 🙌

Fortunately, I had already narrowed some hair colours down, which were saved to my Pinterest board. I love Ashley Tisdale’s new blonde locks as the warmer tones were not too dissimilar to some of the colours already in my hair, therefore this was my first choice and easily accomplished by Trevor at Texture Road.

By the time I had left Texture Road, I was relaxed having had a treatment to tame my frazzled locks, a head massage and looked and felt great with my new cut and colour effortlessly curled with straighteners. My only wish was that I could curl my own hair this way, having watched numerous YouTube tutorials.

I had already promised my best friend Yvette and her kids that I would go to the cinema and see The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of The Shadows. Loving those kids like they’re my own, with the promise of pizza and notwithstanding the fact that The Turtles was one of my favourite cartoons growing up; I was straight back out again after the hairdressers. I’d finally persuaded them all to get Affamato, which if any of you read my Affamato blog will know I love. We got the family deal and chose the dessert pizza, which I was keen to try. The dessert pizza is amazing with the Nutella sauce complimenting the strawberry topping perfectly and the size being ideal as a sharer pudding.

After a well needed lay-in, I got dressed and went to Primarni to see if I could find some bottoms to go with the endless amount of tops I’d sifted out of my wardrobe. Thankfully, the shopping trip was a success and surprisingly I also found some fantastic holiday items from M&S also.

Returning from the shops should have prompted me to start packing but in true Jaz style, instead I sunbathed in the garden and painted my toe nails. If this is sending you into a panic attack, I apologise it’s just how I roll and now to get ready for my spray tan.

A quick dash to Leighton Buzzard for my spray tan has left me bronzed and a bit more body confident. 

It should be noted as I’m finishing this blog I am approximately twelve hours from arrival at the airport and unsurprisingly still not fully packed. Arghhhh!!! 

The Californian dream is slowly but surely becoming a reality. 

Thankfully, Utrip a personalised travel planning company contacted me with a whole range of things to do in San Francisco as well as bars, restaurants and hidden gems recommended by their own local experts. 

With only my hand luggage to worry about now, I’m almost there! Keep up-to-date with my travels on Instagram and Snapchat at Jazybaby84.

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