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Clarins Tri-Active Facial + Back Massage

(Last Updated On: 07/03/2017)

The peace and utter relaxation I felt after my Tri-Active Facial at The Clarins Skin Spa in John Lewis on the 21st February seems like a distant memory as I write this post now. I need another one!

I had booked and paid for my Tri-Active Facial and back massage in August last year (when I had my mini facial – read here) and from then on my life seemed to go, go, go! Not that I’m complaining, I’ve had an amazing six months attending lots of blogger events and meeting exciting new brands as well as bloggers, who have become friends in the process. Though, sitting still for my treatment, which lasted for almost two hours really brought home the realisation that sometimes I need to chill out, take it easy and come off my laptop and phone, take care of myself and spend quality time with my nearest and dearest. Those of you who know me pre-blogging will know I had no problem chilling out whatsoever, if anything I needed more get up and go! I’ve changed and I love my new lust for life, though I do need to rein it in sometimes. Not only that, my posture is actually ridiculously terrible, but I knew that…With an office job, blogging hobby and a big bust, keeping my shoulders back and my arms down is not really an option, but it does take its toll.

I arrived at The Clarins Spa tired after a day at work. Is it me or are Tuesdays sometimes harder than Mondays?! I was greeted by Gemma, my therapist for the evening and talked through the skin care planner I had filled out previously to see if anything had changed. Nope, I still have my oily t-zone unfortunately…

Gemma took me through to the treatment room, which had soothing music being played through an iPod dock and some products laid out. 

After giving me a few moments to undress and get comfortable, Gemma came back in the room and asked what skincare products I regularly use and my current skincare routine. She felt my face and noted the dry patches under my eyes and chin area and after learning of two face washes I use regularly (a Clean & Clear one, as well as a Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser), Gemma explained that my over-exfoliating and removal of dead skin cells would cause my face to naturally rejuvenate and produce more oil. It was no wonder I struggle with shine control. Gemma recommended I reduce exfoliating my face to every three days, use a nourishing eye cream for my under-eye area which will also reduce puffiness and ensure I moisturise all the way down my neck. Gemma began by sourcing Clarins products based upon my current skin condition, whilst I lay comfortably on the treatment table.

Removing the remainder of my morning makeup using the Pure Melt Cleansing Gel, which literally melts the makeup right off of your face, Gemma began by prepping my skin for the treatment.

The Tri-Active Facial is an intensive facial, which not only includes: cleansing and toning with the use of oils and moisturising products I had with my previous mini facial. It also includes a face massage, which felt amazing, though probably looked ridiculous to Gemma as she rubbed my face at different angles. Honestly, who knew there was so much tension in a face. I like to think I manage to maintain resting bitch face most of the time, yet there was plenty of tension I can tell you. Gemma used techniques including brush strokes, hot towels and hand movements to relax and stimulate the different pressure points on my face. An intensive mask was placed on my face and my eyes were covered, enabling me to fully zone out while she left the room for a few minutes and let the mask work its magic.

I had a sneaky feel on the side of my face and the mask was thick. I imagined it looking like the cream spread on top of a cake. Upon removal, I felt my face and I can honestly say I have never felt it feel as soft, nourished or look as radiant as it did after the Tri-Active Facial.

I hadn’t realised I had a back massage add-on to my Tri-Active Facial and to be honest I was a bit nervous. I knew my posture was poor and I had never had a back massage before. Gemma used methods including placing warm towels on the tip of my shoulders to relax me and get me to lower my shoulders, before kneading my back. 

As time went on I felt myself relaxing fully into the massage table and enjoying the experience. It became apparent I had very stiff shoulders and it took quite a bit of time for Gemma to massage the knots all the way out. The treatment was very thorough and I can honestly say I felt like I had a new lease of life after my intensive back massage. I could’ve cried as I felt so relaxed and it made me realise I had been uncomfortable for quite some time.

These are treatments I would definitely recommend trying as both my back and face felt smooth and moisturised for days afterwards. Not only that, I felt like a new me and couldn’t believe how relaxed and de-stressed I felt after these treatments. Using all Clarins products, the therapists tailor each treatment to a customer’s skincare needs.

I am so glad I didn’t put off having my treatment any longer as it really could not have come at a better time! As aptly stated on the Clarins website: “Taking the time for a facial or body treatment is no longer a luxury but a necessity in our modern world. Today, feeling good starts with taking care of yourself.” This is something I need to take on board myself and I am thankful to my therapist, Gemma and the Clarins Team for enlightening me.

I certainly want to maintain these treatments for the future. I was lucky enough to experience another Clarins treatment with my mum recently, which I will share in an upcoming post, along with my thoughts on some of the Clarins products I have used following my initial mini-facial in August.

To book at The Clarins Skin Spa in John Lewis Milton Keynes call 01908 or to find your nearest spa click here.

Do you have any beauty or treatment recommendations? I’d love to hear from you.

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