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Dalloway Terrace Winter Wonderland

(Last Updated On: 02/02/2019)

Stepping through the doors to enter Dalloway Terrace made me reminiscent of watching Lucy, Edmund, Peter and Susan step through the wardrobe to enter Narnia. Though I didn’t have my fur coat or any Turkish Delight tucked in my pocket, I couldn’t help but be mesmerised by the enchanting bright white winter wonderland…

Winter Wonderland Hygge vibes at Dalloway Terrace


From the snow-covered, white sparkly pine cones to the faux fur chairs and twinkly lights, it is no wonder Dalloway Terrace became the most Instagrammed place to dine in Winter 2016.


winter white pine cones


Inspired by the name of an eponymous character in a Virginia Woolf novel, Dalloway Terrace pays homage to the author who was most famous of the Bloomsbury Group and even has a cocktail aptly named ‘Mrs Dalloway’ – shown fizzing away below…

Mrs Dalloway cocktail


So, it goes without saying I would want to visit this instagrammable spot and see it with my own eyes.

Due to the popularity of Dalloway Terrace I was under no illusion that  getting a table may prove difficult, though with a degree of optimism I offered to treat my Mum to a belated birthday brunch. Arriving around 4pm, between a likely lunchtime rush and prior to the booked tables for evening dining, our host to my delight, kindly squeezed us in before the other diners arrived at 5pm.

Mother and Daughter time at Dalloway Terrace

Hearing we were dining to celebrate my Mum’s birthday, we were surprised with a goodwill flute of Perrier-Jouët champagne each to toast the birthday brunch, which was a lovely touch.


My mummy at Dalloway Terrace

The brunch menu is not too overwhelming, containing a good variety of dishes to suit every palate.

Dalloway Terrace brunch menu


Those of you who regularly read the blog will know I couldn’t get enough of the sweet selection of breakfast available on my trip to San Francisco *read here*, which is something I have craved since. My eyes lit up when I saw Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes and French Toast with berries and Creme Fraiche on the menu. After some deliberation, I chose French Toast, which came with a generous serving of maple syrup and three large rashers of bacon.


Strawberry and blueberry French toast at Dalloway Terrace

I marveled at my sweet sensation of a breakfast, poured the maple syrup and tucked in. Sweet breakfasts, I have found are hard to come by as us Brits sure love our fry ups. Though London is a completely different ball game, catering for its multicultural society, well travelled community and hordes of tourists as you would expect, breakfast and brunch is a more widely celebrated activity and one I was sure as hell going to make the most of on my visit to the capital.

Keen to add a bit of savoury to my sweet delicacy, Mum was agreeable to sharing some truffle chips (another guilty pleasure of mine), which added the brunch element to my breakfast.


truffle chips at Dalloway Terrace


The belated birthday girl opted for Dorset Crab On Toast accompanied with egg, watercress and apple.

Dorset crab on toast with egg, watercress and apple served at Dalloway Terrace


The crab dish was perfectly decorated on the plate, conveying the effort put into the presentation of the food as well as the beautiful decor of the restaurant.

I don’t believe we stopped smiling during our dining experience at Dalloway Terrace, enjoying the food and magical surroundings. Though, the smiles may be attributed to the fact we moved on to cocktails after our prosecco…

Dalloway Terrace cocktails

I enjoyed a chocolate orange cocktail, dusted with chocolate around the rim of the glass. Mummy Dearest enjoyed the sugary, fizzing sensation of Mrs Dalloway and we both ordered a Raspberry Russell – well while in Rome *London*, as they say.

Raspberry Russell and Chocolate Orange Cocktail


Our waiter explained the Pierre Marcolini hot chocolate is sought out far and wide and due to popularity had already sold out that day. Though, he recommended we return to enjoy one whilst snuggling under a blanket to watch a film at their outdoor cinema held on the terrace – yes, he knows me well…! Return I must!

It is often the case with popular establishments that the staff are hoity toity and the food is underwhelming in comparison to the elaborate decor. I can assure you this is not the case at Dalloway Terrace. Considering we arrived on a whim, without pre booking, the host explained that whilst there would be time restraints on our table she would gladly seat us and upon hearing of my Mum’s birthday poured a glass of champers each for us to celebrate. Not once did we feel we were an inconvenience or feel rushed during our meal and we were given exceptional service by both the host and our waiter.

We took our drinks out to the terrace, complete with outdoor heaters and blankets – I believe they also had hot water bottles.

Dalloway Terrace Outside Terrace


Located under Dalloway Terrace was another bar with twinkly lights, ideal for another visit at The Bloomsbury Hotel, which in itself looked like a fabulous place to stay.

Twinkly lights ambient bar at the Bloomsbury Hotel


Though the bright lights of Christmas may be over, for a truly magical dining experience be sure to head to Dalloway Terrace before their Winter At Dalloway decor is removed later this month.

Dalloway Terrace

16-22 Great Russell St




Book Online

Call: +44 (0) 207 347 1221.

Dalloway Terrace menu


If you’re already looking ahead to Spring, check out my review of wisteria adorned Aubaine, which is another Instagram worthy establishment!

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