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May-day May-day…She’s Committing Carbicide

(Last Updated On: 03/05/2016)

So I may have indulged somewhat over the weekend. I’m ill and that’s what bank holidays are for right?! I have provided all the gory details including my sweet-toothed trip to The Waffle House in St Albans in this blog **Avoid reading if hungry!**

Having been ill all over Easter, I was determined to make the most of the May bank holiday weekend and enjoy my extra day of freedom from the office. To my dismay, on the Friday of the bank holiday I woke with a sore throat and half a bunged up nostril… Bloody great and not being one to normally get over these things quickly I begrudgingly cleared my diary and cancelled my weeks of plans with friends. I had intentionally avoided my boyfriend Adam all week not to catch his cold and there it was a full blown head cold on bank holiday weekend! My weekend appeared to be doomed with the only thing remaining on the agenda being carbs and cuddles, which when I say it now doesn’t seem that bad at all.

I literally felt like death on the Friday night and fell asleep in front of the telly before 9.30pm, which is really not like me. My Saturday morning lay in seemed to make me feel worse with my cold and flu tablets, vast amounts of Olbas Oil and Vicks not even touching the service; I felt rough 😷

My mum came over as normal and as planned I got my clothes on ready to do a haul at a charity place called Emmaus to drop some old things off. Despite my head cold, it was actually a really lovely day in Olney; if you haven’t been it’s a quaint market town with pretty trinket shops, unique home decor and fashion shops if you’ve got money to spend.

Following our little stint outside the house, I actually felt a bit better and I was glad to have got out for a little while. With mum over and Adam and I not planning on cooking over the weekend, our food of choice was the new yummy wood fired Italian Pizza takeaway place Affamato; as Adam and I loved it when we’d ordered it previously. Who doesn’t want carbs when they’re ill right?! 😋 After what seemed like an hour of deliberating we decided on the 18” half and half Bufalina D.O.P and the Rustica; boy was it good! My low key evening of Pizza and 24 boxset with my mum and boyfriend turned out to be just what I needed.  

I woke early on the Sunday morning and felt like I had a new lease of life, the sun was shining and I decided I wanted to go out after all. Prior to my surprise bank holiday cold I was planning to go to London with my friend Nikki and although I knew she’d gone on the Saturday instead I decided to message her to let her know I was back in action on the off chance she still fancied doing something. It turned out I was feeling more sprightly than she was and after some persuading she was up for a day out and my next dilemma was finding my way over to her new house out in the sticks before we decided what we were going to do with our day. I meandered my way through various villages going on my memory of the route before I left the house as I was without a sat nav and finally managed to navigate myself to her house. Once there, she suggested we go to St Albans and we were back on the road, luckily with her driving this time.

The affluent city of St Albans is a picturesque place to visit with its Roman and medieval remains, pretty streets and houses with flower lined window boxes. On our visit we were lucky enough to park in Christopher Place, which had an inoperative parking meter enabling us to wander and park free of charge! After a pit stop at Bill’s for a pink lemonade we mooched around the shops before they closed. I had seen a place of interest whilst scouring social media sites so off we went to The Waffle House.

The Waffle House is situated over a charming working watermill and although there was a small queue I think we timed it just right by arriving after 5pm before it closed at 6pm. Within ten minutes we were seated and many had brought their small dogs to the dog friendly establishment. A good selection of savoury and sweet waffles were on offer and Nikki and I both opted for the special Sundae Waffle, which comprised: dairy vanilla ice-cream, flaked white chocolate, berry coulis, toffee sauce, chocolate brownie, whipped cream and sugared hazelnuts! It was a-mazing!! I am a strong believer of the law on Sundays to always have a Sunday staple roast dinner but this Sundae Waffle was worth breaking the rules for on this occasion! It was the priciest Waffle on offer at £8.25 and the last few bites were honestly one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to devour but it was well worth the splurge! My fudge toffee milkshake was delicious too and I was glad I ordered it, even if it was an ordeal eating all my waffle with only a milkshake to wash it down with! 

We both got water and decided to take a little stroll around the park and nearby streets to walk off our pudding before getting back in the car! The park would be ideal for a picnic on a warmer day and had various birds nesting, which was cute to see. Needless to say following our impromptu trip, St Albans is definitely on my list for a more in depth visit.

After my day out to St Albans I couldn’t wait to get home and put on some fleecy pyjamas; very rock n roll for a bank holiday Sunday I know! With Adam out eating curry with his mates and watching the Man Utd vs Leicester City game, I couldn’t wait to put the kettle on and watch the next episode of The Bachelor (a cheesy American show I love!)

On the last day of the bank holiday, my friend Amy and I drove to Lakeside shopping centre to find some bits for our upcoming holidays. More importantly, through our mutual love of food we were both keen to hit Olive Oil and Oregano, a Greek restaurant chain located in the shopping centre and this was our first stop. It would be great if they opened this Greek restaurant at Intu Milton Keynes as there are so many of the same restaurant chains located in Milton Keynes and the city is crying out for a Greek place to dine. We ordered our Greek chicken gyros wraps and fed our hunger before hitting the shops! Not finding many clothes of interest I had great fun dressing Amy in the most hideous clothing I could find! To our dismay, we left Lakeside pretty much empty handed, though as we had both spent quite a bit recently it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Needless to say after my weekend of committing carbicide an imminent diet and fitness regime is on the cards once this cold has vacated my body to enable me to shift a few pounds and get fit for my upcoming trip to San Francisco. They do say you should starve a fever and feed a cold right?! 

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