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Girls Weekend in Brighton Ideas – My Visit England Microgap

(Last Updated On: 05/02/2021)

Who doesn’t love a girls weekend away? A weekend in Brighton is a great way to escape London’s hustle and bustle but with plenty to do too, it’s no wonder Brighton is dubbed “London by the sea”. In this post, I will be sharing all the best girls weekend in Brighton ideas and, they may not be activities you would expect!


Blissful Girls Weekend in Brighton

Switching off in this digital age is often easier said than done. Whether it’s the changing of the seasons, sleepless nights with the kids or the end of the working week; we all have occasions where we are left feeling burned out and in need of a break. 

The dark mornings and colder turn of the season into autumn had left me feeling lethargic, drained and unmotivated. I reminisced about my recent Cornwall road trip and girls weekend in York, which made me yearn for another getaway. I didn’t necessarily want to spend a lot of money, jet off anywhere exotic or book off numerous days annual leave. I just wanted to recharge, relax and feel myself again. 


Needless to say, I was delighted when I recently had the opportunity to attend a ‘switch off’ microgap in Brighton with Visit England.

Unlike previous mad weekend trips to Brighton, which normally involve plonking myself on the beach, having fun at Brighton Pier or partaking in Brighton’s hen do activities! This day trip to Brighton was all about relaxation and exploring a quieter side of Brighton; a city known for its vibrancy and frivolities. 

I was keen to explore a blissful side of Brighton and a ‘switch-off’ microgap was just what I needed! In fact, next time I visit the capital, I will be doing 24 hours in London for a ton of exploring and a mad night, followed by 24 hours in Brighton!

What is a Microgap?

At this point, you may be thinking what is a microgap? A microgap can be a great way to explore if you have limited time or funds. The purpose is to enjoy the best bits of a gap year in a few days. Visit England are embracing this new travel trend, encouraging people to enjoy short breaks exploring England. 


These microgapping trips can be anything from “switching off”, like my day in Brighton, “going wild” or even “giving back to the community.” 

My Microgap “Switching Off” in Brighton Itinerary


Our Visit England Brighton Itinerary was not quite Brighton resident Norman Cook, aka Fatboy Slim’s eat, sleep, rave, repeat, but it did follow along the lines of eat, sleep, yoga, repeat! 

Whilst I do love girly nights out, this trip enlightened me about unusual hen do activities Brighton has that appeal to those looking for a more relaxing break or at least somewhere to unwind after an evening of drinking and dancing!

This Brighton one day trip provided me with plenty of girls weekends ideas for Brighton – Peaceful activities near the beach, a spot of shopping and sumptuous food platters were some of the highlights of my Visit England Microgap.

Day Trip to Brighton from London by Train

Every year I renew my Network Railcard as a means to travel by train to and from London and explore the South East for a cheaper price. Regardless of this, I couldn’t quite believe a return train ticket from London St Pancras to Brighton cost under £10! For such reasonable train ticket prices, it baffled me why I don’t visit Brighton more often. Thameslink trains from London St Pancras take you into Brighton in around 1 hour and 20 minutes so before you know it, you’re on Brighton beach! Especially, as the walk from Brighton Station to Brighton Pier is under 10 minutes!

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Brighton City Walks Walking Tour

As with most cities, a Brighton must to familiarise yourself with all the main city attractions is to take part in a walking tour. Our Visit England Microgap group were hosted by Visit Brighton, with a Brighton City Walk conducted by Julian Clapp of Brighton City Walks. Julian is well versed in the main attractions and history of Brighton, having lived in Brighton all his life and previously worked for Brighton Police. 

Julian armed us with a wealth of knowledge regarding Brighton’s Quadrophenia Alley, a Mod hotspot and as the name suggests a filming location for the iconic film.

As well as, gave us some intriguing facts about Brighton’s oldest pub, where Jack the Ripper stayed….Can you guess which is the oldest pub in Brighton?

Our first stop was one of Brighton’s must-see locations and a firm favourite of mine, Brighton Pavilion.

Brighton Royal Pavilion 

If you’re looking for things to do in Brighton, a Brighton mustsee is without a doubt Brighton’s Royal Pavilion.


Often dubbed “Brighton’s Taj Mahal”, the Royal Pavilion dates back to 1787 when it was built in Indo-Sarcacenic style as a seaside retreat and party palace for George Prince Regent. It would have been the perfect place to stay for a girls weekend in Brighton, the Prince sure knew how to party!


The external Indian appearance is contrasted by Oriental Chinese influences internally and, if time allows on your Brighton itinerary it is well worth getting tickets to the Royal Pavilion to view inside.

The Prince enjoyed an indulgent lifestyle in Brighton, with evenings filled with sumptuous feasts and parties. It is believed the Prince Regent built an underground tunnel to enable easy access to the adjacent Royal Stables, now known as Brighton Dome, which shares corridors to Brighton Museum. 


The Royal Pavilion Gardens looked very beautiful during our autumn trip and I was rather pleased with this Pavilion Puddlegram pic (even if it did take the help of a friend to photoshop a no cycling sign out of the shot!):


If you are visiting Brighton for the weekend in Spring or Summer, a lovely thing to do is to bring along a picnic blanket and a few items to just sit and enjoy the gardens. You may even be able to see a mesmerising sunset over the palace to really experience the best of Brighton.

Brighton’s Photo Spots

If you’re looking for things to do in Brighton Beach aside from Brighton Palace Pier, Brighton’s iconic donut statue “Doughnut Groyne” is a great place to grab a snap for your seaside trip to Brighton.


Here’s our Visit England Microgap group pictured below:

Photo courtesy of Traverse

Brighton’s Instagram photo spots do not stop there! Other Brighton must sees are the Upside Down House (which reminded me of the cube houses in Rotterdam) and British Airways i360 observation tower and bar.

If you are looking for Instagram spots for your girls weekend in Brighton, this one is a winner as proved below:

Photo courtesy of Katiekirkloves

Where to Eat in Brighton 

With over 500 restaurants in Brighton and over 300 pubs, knowing where to eat in Brighton is really quite the dilemma!

If you like Instagram hotspots like those featured above, you may wish to head to cute Brighton cafe Pusheen (I’m sure you can see why!)


On previous visits, I have popped into Brighton cafe Julian Plumart, located between Brighton Station and Brighton seafront for a coffee and a croque monsieur. The French patisserie is Brighton’s finest and is the place to head to pick up a variety of sweet treats from macaroons to sweet delicacies. 

For our Microgap day in Brighton, we headed to Brighton’s award-winning vegetarian restaurant Terre à Terre. Inspired by world vegetarian cuisine and dishes, Terre à Terre is more about indulgence than abstinence! 


Our group enjoyed a vegetarian sharing platter: battered halloumi cheese with lemon relish, homemade tartar sauce and vodka tomato, a pickled quails egg, Korean fried cauliflower with chestnut purée and kimchi, summer tyme socca chickpea pancake, wasabi crust tofu, seaweed tapioca rice cracker, spiced Indian potato ball served with dhal and coriander pesto and mango purée on top, vegetable edamame thread noodle salad. 

I had never eaten and enjoyed so many vegetarian dishes and I really wished I’d had a platter of my own; it was so tasty! As are the mocktails!


Shopping in The Lanes Brighton

If you’re wondering what to do in Brighton, shopping in The Lanes has surely got to be one of the most popular things to do in Brighton. 

The Lanes, alleyways of Brighton are best known as Twittens (thanks Julian) and is where you will find a labyrinth of independent jewellers, quaint antiques and boutique shops. Just seeing the beautiful engagement rings in The Lanes may wish you had taken your partner rather than enjoyed a Brighton girls day out!

Unfortunately, Choccywoccydoodah has now closed down. But, make sure you check out The Duck House, which you guessed it, only sells ducks of the toy variety! 


I only wish I picked up a Count Duckula one for Halloween! 

Beach Box Spa Brighton

Who doesn’t love a spa day? I know I do, and I especially love enjoying affordable luxury spa experiences that don’t cost the world; the ones that give you some well-needed peace and tranquility. This is exactly what you’ll experience on a Brighton day trip to the Beach Box Spa.


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Set in a secluded area of Brighton Beach, Beach Box is an all-year-round spa and Finnish sauna experience. Converted horse trailers and upcycled packing crates hold wood-fired saunas with steam and heat treatments.

My Microgap Visit England group were greeted by a Sauna Master who introduced us to an authentic German Aufguss towel-wafting sauna treatment. The towel-wafting Aufguss method enables essential oils, each with their own healing properties such as geranium, basil, peppermint, cedar and litsea to circulate around the sauna.


Leaf-whisking is a popular Scandinavian treatment and despite appearances is not painful at all! Our group enjoyed a Lithuanian Pirtis ritual, in which the Sauna Master whisks your body with birch branches. It’s quite a surreal experience, similar to a car wash and is really quite relaxing. 

Other treatments available at Beach Box Sauna include home-made natural body scrubs, face masks and salt insulations. All followed by an invigorating outdoor cold-water shower (or take a plunge in the Brighton sea if you’re feeling brave enough!)

If it wasn’t for the fact that our group had a yoga class to get to after our Beach Box sauna session, I would quite happily of sat in the deck chairs overlooking Brighton Beach. Beach Box Spa is a peaceful way to enjoy Brighton or recover after a hen do! 

Click here to book in advance to enjoy your own Beach Box Spa experience in Brighton. 

Prices start at £12 for 90 minutes on Thursdays and £20 for a standard 120 minutes entry. Beach Box is open Tuesday-Sunday (times vary), though there are various events including full moon saunas and vouchers available for gifts. 

Eat, Sleep, Yoga, Repeat in Brighton – Yoga in The Lanes

Our relaxing Beach Box Spa sauna experience was followed by a chilled yoga class with Yoga in The Lanes at Yellow Wave. The perfect way to end a day exploring Brighton, the class led by BridgetteAne reminded me how much I love yoga

BridgetteAne guided us through some of the poses she teaches at her Brighton hot yoga class, with breathing techniques and mindfulness tips to help us unwind. All with the most picturesque views over Brighton Beach.


Brighton yoga with beach views is pure bliss! 

As well as teaching hot yoga in Brighton at Yoga in The Lanes, BridgetteAne also teaches yoga in London on Monday evenings. 

Inspired by my Brighton yoga class, I will be heading back to Sweat Studios Milton Keynes yoga class in November! 

Check out my Yuletide Yoga poses to get you through the upcoming Christmas festivities! 

My Microgap Visit England Brighton One Day Trip

Proving that you don’t need a year-long gap year or unlimited funds to enjoy a break, my Microgap with Visit England enabled me to “switch off”and explore a different side of Brighton. 


My Microgap Brighton itinerary is perfect for those looking for days out in Brighton for adults. It also provided me with plenty of inspiration for things to do for a girls weekend in Brighton! You sure know where I’ll be heading back to next summer! 

Want to know what events are on this weekend in Brighton? – head over to the Visit Brighton Tourism Site.

I’ve loved exploring more of England this year, it has enabled me to appreciate the places on my doorstep and tick off one of this year’s goals.

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Special thanks to Traverse, Visit England and Visit Brighton for a fantastic microgap Brighton one day trip to give me inspo for my next Brighton girls weekend! 

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Looking for girly things to do in Brighton, UK? London's seaside city in the south of England is a great way to escape London's hustle and bustle! Click through to read my girls weekend in Brighton itinerary! Including Brighton Beach, Brighton photo spots, beach box spa & more! #brighton #uk #brightonitinerary #england #traveltips #weekendinbrighton
Looking for girly things to do in Brighton, UK? London's seaside city in the south of England is a great way to escape London's hustle and bustle! Click through to read my girls weekend in Brighton itinerary! Including Brighton Beach, Brighton photo spots, beach box spa & more! #brighton #uk #brightonitinerary #england #traveltips #weekendinbrighton
Brighton (otherwise known as 'little London by the sea' is the perfect day trip from London to escape the hustle & bustle! Find out the best things to do in Brighton in one day and read my ultimate one day Brighton itinerary! If you're wondering what day trips from London to take, this Brighton one day trip itinerary is for you! From how to get from London to Brighton, how to enjoy the best of Brighton in one day & what to see in Brighton! #Brighton #England #UK #London #traveltips #itinerary
Brighton (otherwise known as 'little London by the sea' is the perfect day trip from London to escape the hustle & bustle! Find out the best things to do in Brighton in one day and read my ultimate one day Brighton itinerary! If you're wondering what day trips from London to take, this Brighton one day trip itinerary is for you! From how to get from London to Brighton, how to enjoy the best of Brighton in one day & what to see in Brighton! #Brighton #England #UK #London #traveltips #itinerary
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Brighton (otherwise known as 'little London by the sea' has some real gems to see! The perfect day trip from London to escape the hustle & bustle! Find out the best things to do in Brighton in one day & read my ultimate one day Brighton itinerary! If you're wondering what day trips from London to take, this Brighton one day trip itinerary is for you! From how to get from London to Brighton, how to enjoy the best of Brighton in one day & what to see in Brighton! #Brighton #England #UK #London #traveltips #itinerary
The best things to do in Brighton, England, UK in one day. Ultimate one day Brighton itinerary for a London day trip. If you're wondering what to do in Brighton in one day, this Brighton one day trip itinerary was curated on my Visit England microgap with Visit Brighton. Click through to read how to get from London to Brighton, how to enjoy the best of Brighton in one day. #Brighton #England #UK #London #traveltips #itinerary

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My Microgap to Brighton was part of a press trip with Visit England & Traverse. As always, thoughts and photos are my own unless otherwise stated and should not be used or duplicated without my written consent.


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    I absolutely love Brighton! This has made me want to go down right now. It’s only an hour from me so I love visiting whenever I have the time. I’ve yet to see the upside down house. Also love the idea of a microgap!

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      Iโ€™d love to live that close to the seaside, Iโ€™d be there all the time ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป The Upside Down House looks really cool, I wish we would have had chance to visit too. Where would you microgap in the England Soph? ๐Ÿ˜Š

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    This is a really great idea! I also love that photo of you at the Royal Pavilion Gardens!!!!

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      I love the concept of the microgap as not only does it encourage us to explore more of the UK, it also gives us little breaks inspo to encourage breaks more often ๐Ÿ˜Š The lengths I had to go to to remove a no cycling ๐Ÿšณ from the pavilion shot ๐Ÿ˜‚

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    I was so sorry I couldnโ€™t join you girls on this trip it looks like a fantastic day out. I think I could happily spend the day shopping in The Lanes.

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