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Seasonal Self-Care Tips & The Benefits of an Autumn-Winter Spa Break

(Last Updated On: 27/02/2020)

It’s important to look after yourself all year round, but I think in the Autumn/Winter months it’s even more vital to prioritise self-care. In this post, I’ll be sharing all my tips for seasonal self-care in Autumn/Winter and the benefits of an Autumn-Winter Spa break too! Cos, let’s face it, travel was always going to feature! 

Seasonal Self-Care Tips & The Benefits of an Autumn Spa Break

Why Should You Prioritise Seasonal Self-Care in Autumn/Winter

Autumn marks the darker nights, colder chill to the air and a new start as all the trees and plants lose all their summer flowers and leaves. You will likely be spending less time outdoors, which can have a negative impact on mental health. 


There’s no denying, it is a beautiful time of year with all the golden hues and ever-changing leaves, but the darker nights, colder air and abrupt change to the season can be difficult for some. 


At the start of October, I went through the same yearly rigmarole of feeling unmotivated, lethargic and down in the dumps. As I write this post, I am still recovering from three weeks with a chest infection and I sometimes wonder whether I suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD).  I know exactly how it feels to be out of sorts come Autumn, but it really isn’t all doom and gloom.

Some simple seasonal self in Autumn/Winter coupled with a girls spa day was just what I needed and, here are my tips for adjusting and looking after yourself during the Autumn/Winter seasons.

Hibernation Mode On

After the excitement of the Summer with late nights, more than a few alcoholic drinks and spending more time outdoors; it is nice to enter a cosy hibernation mode in Autumn. For me, it’s any excuse to put my fleecy pj’s on, drink hot chocolate and snuggle with Adam and the bunnies! Spending time with animals is believed to do wonders for mental health, so this is also something to consider! 

Buzz & Woody Christmas 2019

Go Outside & Reap the Benefits of Spending Time in Nature

On the contrary to the above, spending too much time inside can drive you a bit stir crazy and not be great for your mental health. I normally give myself a couple of weeks indoors to rest and recuperate, before I go for a nice Autumn walk or get myself back in nature. It does wonders! 

Hiking in the Lake District Autumn

The Benefits of an Autumn Spa Break

Autumn is a bit of a lull period for many. It could be the kids have gone back to school, the excitement of Summer has become a distant memory or the lack of sunlight has left you down in the dumps. A great way to rejuvenate is by booking an Autumn spa break or detox retreat in the UK

Spa pool Kettering Park Hotel benefits of an autumn spa break

Champneys Spa Break

I’m sure you’ve been inundated with Black Friday emails with deals. One of my favourites currently on offer is the Champneys up to 50% off spa days and spa stays.

Champneys is always one of the UK’s top-rated spas. Plus, Nothing quite equals a fun girls weekend away in the UK for me like an amazing last-minute spa deal! 

Spa treatment massage table benefits of an autumn spa break

Black Friday – Cyber Monday Deals, love them or loathe them are known to be the cheapest way to bag a decent discount before Christmas. With this in mind, I think it’s important to take time out either before the rush of Christmas or have something to look forward to in the new year when the excitement of Christmas has gone. January can also be a bit of a lull period, therefore it’s important to set some money aside for your own personal health benefits. 

The heated waterbeds and spa day, followed by a walk in the beautiful Champneys grounds sounds like a great girls spa weekend in the UK if you ask me! 

Champneys Spa Tring in Winter

What are you waiting for? Enjoy the benefits of an Autumn spa break now by clicking here to check out Champneys Spa locations.

Kettering Park Hotel

I was racking my brain for a present for Mum for her October birthday and it occurred to me that she had never had a spa break, as she never really had the funds to do something nice to treat herself. I always like presents that allow me to spend time with her too and I thought a spa day would be nice. 

foyer Kettering Park Hotel

Spa day prices vary depending on the hotel and the options available, such as treatments and, whether lunch or afternoon tea is included.

Chicken pasta lunch Kettering Park Hotel Spa

For our mother and daughter spa day, I booked the Autumn deal at the Kettering Park Hotel. Priced at £140, it includes a spa day for two with full access to the pool, sauna, steam room, hot tub, a full body massage each and two-course lunch for two.

We were also provided with a robe and slippers each, with coffee, tea and soft drinks provided for free during our spa day. Very handy and it meant we didn’t have to interrupt our relaxation time to go to the locker to get money out, which was a real benefit.

Full body massage Kettering Park Hotel Spa - benefits of an autumn spa break

It took around one hour to reach the Kettering Park Hotel from Milton Keynes and was well worth the trip. Oh, how I’d love a massage right now!

Spa Break in Cornwall 

One of my favourite trips in 2019 is without a doubt visiting Cornwall. I’d vowed to visit more of the UK anyway, but I really couldn’t believe I hadn’t visited Cornwall sooner! 


I loved my spa stay at The Cornwall Hotel at the start of Summer so much, I revisited Cornwall at the start of Autumn. 


The real benefit of visiting Cornwall in Autumn is the beaches are empty and the weather is still good enough to appreciate the best of the British coast.


Cornwall is now a firm favourite on my British Bucket List. Read my Cornwall Road Trip – 3 Days in Cornwall Itinerary!

Seaside & Spa Day in Brighton

There’s nothing quite as therapeutic as being beside the seaside! This Autumn I enjoyed beach trips to Cornwall and Brighton. Hearing the waves crashing into the shore, even in the chillier months is still a welcome sight. 


On my Microgap with Visit England, I got to see a blissful side to Brighton, ideal for those looking for a chilled seaside break. I certainly enjoyed the benefits of an Autumn spa break, that’s for sure! Check out my girly things to do in Brighton in one day post for all the details of the beachside spa I enjoyed.

Beach-Box-Sauna-Aufguss-Treatment benefits of an autumn spa break

Be sure to read my girly getaways in Great Britain in Brighton and York!

Middlethorpe Hall and Spa

In the Summer, I discovered all the enjoyable things to do for a girls weekend in York. It really is one of the best places for a girls weekend in the UK, with beautiful brunch and afternoon tea venues, quirky cocktail bars and more! 

I’ve been hoping to visit York’s Christmas markets and would love to end a cold day exploring in a luxurious spa.

Spa Couples massage table benefits of an autumn spa break

Middlethorpe Hall and Spa is a beautiful country house located only two miles from York’s city centre. Set within 20 acres of gardens, it is a haven away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but close enough to be within easy reach of the festivities. 

A girls spa weekend is the perfect way to relax and I literally felt the weight and stresses lift from my shoulders after a relaxing massage. It’s a great choice for girl’s autumn mini-breaks in the UK if you are looking for girls weekend ideas.

Socialise with People Who Make You Happy

The benefits of an autumn spa break are undeniable, as it’s the perfect opportunity to chill out and put any worries aside. It’s also a fabulous opportunity to socialise. 

Me & Yvette Blossom Room MK

The seasonal change can mean you end up spending too much time hibernating indoors, which isn’t always a good thing as you end up detaching yourself from the people that love you and making excuses not to socialise. We’ve all been there! 

Reconnecting with those that love you or you enjoy spending time with does wonders, even if it’s for one day. Why not invite a close friend around for a catch up over nibbles and wine? 

My best friend Jo and I had a right old festive foodie Friday night in, eating our way through bread and Camembert, mini Yorkshire puddings and more! Nights in are so underrated and I loved it!

Learn to Say No! 

That said, there are times, especially during Christmas where you end up doing so much for others that it has an impact on our own wellbeing. Learn to say no to things that do not serve you and you will feel so much better for it. If anything, you are not going to be able to share the best of you if you are not feeling up to it anyway! 

Seasonal self-care tips for autumn winter & benefits of an autumn spa break

Re-Connect with Happy Memories From the Past

For me, it quite often means watching a film or TV series I loved growing up as it brings back nostalgia and fond memories. I’ve recently loved watching the new Netflix series Dark Krystal (I loved the film growing up) and re-watching Dawson’s Creek on Sky. 

I am a film graduate, after all! Check out my top 5 Festive Films here! 

For you, it could be something completely different. Just make sure it’s positive vibes only! 

Switch off Social Media and Read a Book

Whilst I regularly use social media to share blog content, I am well aware of the perils of spending too much time on social media. My eyes, neck and back definitely feel the strain of me being glued to digital devices. 

On top of that, there’s imposter syndrome, comparing yourself to others and crumbling under the strain of always having to be active on platforms (Instagram, I’m looking at you!)

Harry Potter Livraria Lello Book store Porto

I always find switching off social media and falling headfirst into someone else’s story does wonders for my optimism. In my own admission, my 2019 reading goals have failed miserably this year, but I have enjoyed re-reading The Handmaid’s Tale ahead of the release of the sequel The Testaments, which I’m still yet to read!

The Testaments Book Margaret Atwood

Eat Well

Notice I said, eat well rather than eat healthily. Whilst eating as healthy as we can is vital to our wellbeing, I think it’s equally as important to give your body what it wants during the Autumn/Winter months, particularly pre-Christmas. I have found eating warm comforting foods such as soup has helped me keep the chill away. 

As we approach the festive season, we should be reaching for the cheese not eating rabbit food and watching our weight! We can all be mindful, but by not giving your body what it wants at this time of year is a one-way ticket to feeling miserable! 


Need some foodspiration? Check out my mouth-watering mega roast at Nonnas! 

Practice Yoga

Coincidentally, I do have a Yuletide Yoga post, which has some practical poses for keeping post-Christmas dinner wind at bay! Yes, you read that right! 

Beach-Brighton-Yoga-in-The-Lanes-at-Yellow-Wave-benefits of an autumn spa break

You may already be aware of the HUGE physical and mental benefits yoga has on your health and well-being. Personally, I love hot yoga! Not only is the heated studio amazing after a freezing day in my cold office, but I also love the fact that I am burning so many calories whilst practising yoga! My whole body feels so relaxed and I sleep like a baby afterwards! 

Yuletide Yoga 7 Festive Yoga Poses You Need This Christmas

It’s the perfect way to unwind to escape the mania of Christmas shopping too! 

If you’re local to Milton Keynes, use my code BUTTERFLY to enjoy a half-price class at Sweat Studios. Sweat are currently offering 30 days of yoga for just £39! 

Sleep Well

And….relax! A tip we should all be taking all year round is getting a good night’s sleep! I managed to shave an hour off my bedtime recently, but once again it has crept back to the 11-11.30 pm mark! You know the drill! 

The Importance of Seasonal Self-Care

Seasonal self-care is much more than merely enjoying a nice bath, but that always helps! Whilst I am no expert in mental health and wellbeing, I hope this post has inspired you with the things I do to lift my spirit high during Autumn/Winter. It’s important to do the things that make you happy, so book that Autumn spa break, hibernate for a while and eat all the delicious food! But, don’t forget to connect with nature and loved ones, after all, you have plenty of inspiration for an Autumn girls weekend away in the UK!

Autumn in Lake District England

Help share seasonal self-care love by sharing this post on social media or commenting below to let me know what works for you!



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