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Entering the Upside-Down in London – Secret Cinema presents Stranger Things

(Last Updated On: 26/02/2020)

It’s July 4th and residents of Hawkins are gathered to the fair to celebrate the biggest Hawkins High School Reunion, alongside the Independence Day celebrations. But, not all is what it seems and attendees of Secret Cinema Stranger Things are about to uncover what really happened to their high school colleague….Whilst, dressed in head-to-toe 80’s attire (of course!) 

Secret Cinema presents Stranger Things!

Entering the upside down in London - Secret Cinema Presents Stranger Things

Strange Things to do in London- Mysterious 80’s Themed Stranger Things London Popup Event

Growing up in the 80’s, it’s only now that I can truly appreciate what it was like to go out on long bike ride adventures with friends without having my every move tracked via an app, do silly things without it being captured as a photo or video and even appreciate the overwhelming anxiety of staying near a home phone waiting for a call. 

Born in the 80's Stranger Things Characters Secret Cinema London

Secret Cinema’s Stranger Things event, not only embodies the 80s vibe it is trying to create, but it also emphasises the Secret Cinema values of having fun without needing a mobile phone. 

Secret Cinema events are shrouded in mystery with attendees given limited details of the location of the event after the tickets are purchased. Don’t worry guides with signposts are on hand to point you in the right direction! 

All Secret Cinema Events require attendees to place their mobile phones in sealed pockets to be stowed away for the duration of the event. This combats the release of unofficial pictures or videos from inside the event, keeping the event a mystery for others and enables those attending to just have a bloody good time without having a mobile phone in their hand! 

Characters Stranger Things Secret Cinema London Event

The phone factor added a humorous element when queuing up for the event, as the actors playing Will and Lucas maintained their narrative by being intrigued by the mobile phones capturing them on screen. 

It's how big Lucas? Will Knows! Stranger Things Secret Cinema London

Asking me what my phone was and proclaiming that I must be rich to own such a device, I wasn’t about to trade my phone for one of their Wallis-talkies!

Of course, this called for a selfie! I ushered Will and Lucas to join me for a picture before my phone was locked away for the event. 

Stranger Things Selfie with Will and Lucas

The bright neon lights of Starcourt Mall can be seen from the roadside and upon entering its easy to feel like a kid yourself as your eyes take in the amusement arcade, Scoops Ahoy Ice Cream Parlour, a coke soda float stand and a full-on 80’s Jane Fonda-style workout going on in the lobby! 

80's fashion Secret Cinema Presents Stranger Things

Each attendee chooses an 80’s category prior to attending, which range from Media Hotshots, Punks, Pop Kids, New Romantics, Rockers, Hip-hoppers and Movers and Groovers. 

Check out my alter-ego profile:

Antonia "Lockdown" Lamont Secret Cinema Stranger Things Class of 81 Movers and Groovers Year Book
Antonia "Lockdown" Lamont Secret Cinema Stranger Things Class of 81 Movers and Groovers Report Card

I was very pleased to get my picture taken with some punk rockers! 

Punks Secret Cinema Presents Stranger Things

Dressing as their 80’s alter-egos, it’s then off to find your head of year to uncover the mystery of a missing student…

Secret Cinema Presents Stranger Things – Immersive Cinema London Popup

Secret missions, hidden rooms and mysterious tasks make way for recited scenes from the characters weaving through the crowds and lots of 80’s parties to attend! You might even get to recite the vocals of Never-Ending Story! 

It’s easy to get into the groove, let your hair down at the fair or find yourself participating in a dance-off party with Lucas at The Hideaway Bar. Dan from our group even won the coveted prize of Best Dancer at The Hideaway Bar Dance-off 1985! Meanwhile, Adam found himself donning a piggy-nose racing around a track at the fair! 

80's cool kids on the block Secret Cinema Presents Stranger Things

Our other friend Chris had been to the Secret Cinema Stranger Things event a few months prior and found himself having a completely different experience this time around as there is so much to uncover! 

Just beware, as Stranger Things are lurking on the edge of town and bad boy Billy with his boy-band good looks my lure you to join his cult!

Billy's Babe Stranger Things Secret Cinems

And, you may meet a Demogorgon or two! 

Looking for unique experiences in London? Buy Secret Cinema Stranger Things Tickets

If you’re looking for unique experiences in London, you won’t get a more unusual day out in London than by attending a Secret Cinema event!

Secret Cinema presents Stranger Things is a spectacular immersive event, which brings together everything you love about the Stranger Things tv-series. Every last detail from the set, cast (who were all brilliant!) and clothing is perfectly put-together! 

Whether you are booking tickets for Secret Cinema Stranger Things Matinee with kids or rocking the 80’s look with friends, there’s plenty of fun and snacks (including chicken and waffles) to be had! 

Mindlessly scrolling social media can sometimes leave you disconnected, as opposed to connecting with the present and the people around you. Who knew, dressing up in 80’s fashion, having fun and leaving the phone locked away for a few hours could be so liberating! 

Beyond the neon-drenched exterior of Starcourt Mall, Stranger Things are happening inside! If you’re wondering ‘should I stay or should I go now’, I’d say go, as Secret Cinema Stranger Things event is ending in a couple of weeks! 

Click here to find out more and book tickets for Secret Cinema Stranger Things!

Having fun at Starcourt Mall Stranger Things Secret Cinema London

Besides, if I had to mark it out of ten, I’d give it Eleven! 



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  1. 26/02/2020 / 12:57 pm

    I love Secret Cinema and I love Stranger Things! I’m so sad I didn’t manage to get tickets this time around. It sounds like you had a lot of fun x

    • thelifeofasocialbutterfly
      26/02/2020 / 6:27 pm

      It was so good Louise! Ahh, I know the tickets go so fast! I think they only have a limited amount left now, otherwise I would have loved to have gone again to dress up in a different category and have a completely different experience! What category would you have chosen? x:)

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