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What to Eat in Prague – Food delights You Must Try!

(Last Updated On: 13/01/2020)

Prague is a real foodie city and certainly, somewhere you will not go hungry! A meat lovers paradise with cheap and plentiful beer, it’s easy to see why Prague is such a popular destination for stag do’s!

During my short break in Prague, I devoured some tasty dishes that certainly make me want to revisit in the Winter.

What to Eat in Prague

This Prague food guide gives you a little taster of what to eat in Prague and where to eat in Prague, including traditional Czech food dishes to try and, where to dine to get the best views over the Old Town.

What to eat in Prague traditional trdelnik chimney pudding Prague

Meat is Always on the Menu in Prague

Meat, meat and more meat…

Meat in burgers, stews and on sticks; meat is always on the menu in Prague. There is one thing to remember in Prague, if you haven’t eaten goulash are you even in Prague?!

Unless you’re Vegan of course! Though, I have it on good authority from my friend Sonya, there are plenty of great Vegan restaurants in Prague so don’t let the meat-filled menus put you off visiting.

Bread bowl Goulash (Guláš)

I love eating bread (to my own demise) and always get excited when I see a dish served in a bread bowl (clam chowder in San Francisco anyone..?) Goulash is a dish that is always one of my winter favourites and quite often a dish me and Adam will have on Halloween (yea, we’re always up for a spooktacular time!) But, jokes aside goulash is a warm hearty meal you can rely on to fulfil any hunger pains from days exploring Prague.

Bread bowl Goulash (Guláš)

The best thing about ordering goulash in Prague is that it’s so widely available in pubs, as well as restaurants that it tastes great wherever you go. As our arrival in Prague was quite late into the evening and I enjoyed goulash in a back alley pub, this is a statement I can 100% support.

Thick chunks of stewed beef topped with onions, herbs and red peppers are served in the breaded bowl with oodles of dark thick gravy. The dish is usually served with breaded dumplings, which if you’re like me you are bound to enjoy. There’s no such thing as too much bread right?!

A surprisingly sweet taste, but a good hearty meal nonetheless; goulash is the ultimate winter warmer and you can’t visit Prague without trying!

What to drink in Prague

After devouring such a hearty meal, you must be thinking about what to wash it down with! Pilsners is always a great choice to pair with goulash, several locals recommended the beer to accompany the dish. I’m not a beer drinker, alas I left Adam to devour the Pilsners whilst I sampled some Tuzemak Czech rum.

Pilsners Prague beer

Czech Rum

Czech rum is actually something of a big deal and you can expect a number of desserts in the city, soaked or topped with a rum sauce. Very tasty indeed!

Rooftop Restaurant with a View of Prague Old Town

If you not suffering from a rum-riddled headache or too stuffed from the meat menus, you’re in for a treat if you head to Terese u Prince.

Recommended to me by lovely American friend Meredith (who I met on my mega-adventure weekend with Where’s Mollie Global Travellers), dining at Terese u Prince was one of the highlights of our trip.

Tucked away on the rooftop of the hotel, you may walk straight past it as you take in the dramatic gothic architecture of the Old Town Square. The best thing is, you don’t have to be staying at the hotel to dine there. Just walk in and take the lift up to the restaurant to enjoy a rooftop dining experience overlooking Prague’s Old Town.

Best Restaurant Prague Old Town View from Terese U Prince

As you can imagine, with views this good, this little spot sure is popular and you may have to wait for a table. During our visit, we enjoyed the most glorious sunshine as we dined and I even had a frozen daiquiri (in March I must add!)

Strawberry Daiquiri Terese U Prince rooftop terrace

As I mentioned, the real draw about dining at Terese u Prince is the stunning view over Prague’s Old Town. It really is breathtaking. If only the Astronomical Clock wasn’t under renovation during our visit…

Adam’s excitement for his meat skewers was undeniable. After his dish arrived we watched as the surrounding tables all ordered the same impressive dish.

Dining al fresco at Terese U Prince Prague

I broke my own rule by ordering a dish I could have ordered anywhere. The chicken Caesar salad beckoned me after eating the heavy hearty goulash and, in all honesty, was just what I needed. Though, I’d be lying if I too didn’t have lustful eyes at Adam’s meat skewers…

Chicken Caesar salad Prague

In hindsight, I probably should have chosen a lighter Czech dish, such as the schnitzel with boiled potatoes and vegetables. But, I can go back… After all, with a view like this, it really is one of the best restaurants in Prague Old Town.

Prague Street Food

One of the best things about dining in Prague is that there are so many little markets with street food to enjoy. Prague really isn’t somewhere you have to ensure you are seeking out the Michelin star restaurants or eating particular dishes.

Prague Street food markets

Whilst many recommended visiting popular budget bistro Lokal for Czech food specialities (yes, I’ve found another reason to return.) The best way to try food in Prague is to simply wander and enjoy the foodie delights you stumble upon.

We found a little market underneath the Charles Bridge on the Mala Strana side serving, you guessed it…meat! The medieval-themed market had the biggest heaps of gammon served with bread. It was almost a doorstop sandwich, only it was the gammon that was the doorstop and not the bread…

Meat meat meat in Prague

Potato Dumplings with Sauerkraut

This pickled cabbage is always a winner for me, I love vinegar and sauerkraut appeals to me on every level.

Another street food favourite for me in Prague is the potato dumplings (similar to gnocchi) topped with pork and sauerkraut. Delicious!

potato dumplings with sauerkraut Prague

If only I’d gotten chance to try the sauerkraut soup too!

Prague Castle Market

Possibly the best street food market we discovered during our weekend in Prague was found in the grounds of Prague Castle.

Sweet treats at Prague Castle Market

The castle grounds had a whole host of sweet and savoury treats and, dining here looking up at the beautiful architecture of St Vitus Cathedral was a real highlight to our trip.

st vitus cathedral street food view

Fried Cheese

I mean, who doesn’t like fried cheese?! There’s rarely a day that goes by that I don’t tuck into saganaki cheese when I’m in Greece and I was pleased to learn fried cheese is something of a popular dish in Prague.

fried cheese dish Prague castle

It’s mainly served breaded, but when we enjoyed it at the Prague Castle market it had a pancake/pie like appearance. It’s recommended to have jam on top and, I loved the combination of flavours from the sweet jam to strong gooey cheese.

Green Beer

Why not wash the cheese down with a green beer? I’d never come across a green beer before our trip to Prague, but they sure kept Adam amused.

green beer in Prague

If green is your colour, why not check out the Absintherie bar and shop in Prague Old Town. I wonder how many Prague landmarks you can still name after drinking in there…?!

absintherie bar shop prague

Prague Cuisine

Czech locals are known for their love of hearty traditional dishes like goulash, pork, schnitzel, dumplings, roast and all the trimmings to accompany these dishes. There are even a range of Farmers Markets, which are enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. But, with the booming tourist trade more innovative eateries and influences from other places are popping up all the time. Asian influences and a wider number of Vegan-friendly restaurants are now available in Prague to offer visitors a wider choice of cuisine.

traditional Czech cuisine Prague


I love sampling local dishes when I travel (I don’t have a destination dining section on my blog for nothing) but, even I couldn’t resist trying a trdelnik chimney cake.

What to eat in Prague traditional trdelnik chimney pudding Prague

These colourful sweet treats are not originally from Prague, but are popular with tourists and in my opinion, you can’t go to Prague without trying one!

The range of fillings make choosing difficult (Nutella, bacon, fruit) and I had to go for ice cream and topped with M&Ms. I want to return to Prague to eat one of these again and it sure gave our fairytale trip to Prague a sweet ending!

Want to know what to see and do in Prague? Check out my Fun Things to Do For a Weekend in Prague post!

I hope this post has given you insight about Prague food and helped you pick your menu choices for dining in Prague, if so please do share this post on social media or pin to your Pinterest board! Every share helps other readers and introduces my blog to a wider audience…plus, I’ll love you forever!

Thanks for reading and happy eating in Prague!



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  1. jenna
    17/05/2019 / 12:58 pm

    YUM – this post just made me extremely hungry! All of these foods look amazing, but I would definitely be trying a lot of the sweets if I ever went to Prague. Thanks for sharing!!
    -Jenna ♥
    Stay in touch? The Chic Cupcake

    • thelifeofasocialbutterfly
      22/05/2019 / 9:34 pm

      Thanks for reading Jenna & apologies for making you hungry 😂 The food is so good and I loved the sweet treats! 😍

  2. 18/05/2019 / 4:47 pm

    All of that food looks so delicious! I’m quite hungry now! 😀

    • thelifeofasocialbutterfly
      22/05/2019 / 9:32 pm

      It’s such a foodie city, I definitely piled on a few pounds from this trip! Worth it though! I should a disclosed for a hunger warning 🤤 Thanks for reading.

  3. 25/05/2019 / 5:45 pm

    Yum. They have such amazing food in Prague (Czech Republic in general really). Last time i visited with my mum, who’s been a vegetarian for 20+ years. So knowing that Czech cuisine is rather meat heavy, I was a little worried. But it wasn’t really a problem. Despite our initial concerns there were plenty of tasty vegetarian on offer as well. Thanks for sharing, now I am hungry. And really fancy a Trdlnik

  4. thelifeofasocialbutterfly
    31/05/2019 / 9:35 pm

    Haha, sorry Sarah. I’m the same every time I see the picture of the trdelnik 😍 After seeing all the meat filled menus, I was really surprised about the emerging Vegan scene. It’s good that they have variety to suit all tastes. Thanks for reading 😃

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