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Lush Halloween & Christmas Bloggers Event πŸŽƒ πŸŽ…

(Last Updated On: 03/10/2016)

Last week I attended the Lush MK event at IntuMK to showcase their new Halloween & Christmas products, a soirée involving Halloween themed cupcakes, treats and exciting demos from the Lush MK team.

I was thrilled to be invited along to the evening, my first Lush event. Attendees included a few of my fellow MK Bloggers, Katie & Lou as well as other local bloggers and all were requested to arrive as per the dress code “All That Sparkles”✨

Pictured below is me and best outfit winner, Issy Fox in her eye-catching, purple, sparkly skirt.

It was great meeting Issy and talking to Iqra of The Blushing Giraffe blog and Emily Lui, who has her own YouTube channel, as well as those I had already interacted with via social media but not yet met face to face.

Like me, some of the other bloggers had come to the event without a plus one and as an ice-breaker the Lush MK Team set up a game of “Catch the Snowman.” ⛄ Upon catching the snowman, bloggers introduced themselves, the name of their blog and told the group their favourite thing about Christmas. It was a great way to enable the group to make introductions before the demos and was a conversation starter between a few of us blogger newbies attending our first Lush event.

I must admit, I have always been a fan of Lush bath bombs, one of few bath products I like receiving as gifts from others on special occasions. Though, my knowledge of the other products Lush offer was limited and I was keen to discover more about the exciting new Halloween & Christmas range to learn about the ingredients and benefits.

GT of The Lush MK Team, began by sending us on a treasure hunt for hidden Lush items and talking us through the products when we found them.

First up were the frightfully pretty Halloween products with their bright colours, sparkles and cute faces; almost too adorable to be scary. Adorable face, yes Boo I’m talking about you! If it wasn’t for the cute little eyes, I might be tempted to add some cream and strawberries and make Eton Mess!

My favourite Halloween products were Boo the ghost 👻Bath Melt, obviously! I also couldn’t keep away from the Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bars 🎃 as I’m a sucker for glitter and sparkles.

Unfortunately, the store had already sold out of the carved Pumpkin Bath Bomb. The Monsters Ball Bath Bomb, resembling a character worthy of Monsters Inc, looked fabulous melted and is designed to give you a boost on days when you’re feeling like a zombie as it’s packed with zesty oils and soothing cocoa butter! A product I’ve definitely got my eye on…😉

Similarly to Monsters Ball, Lord Of Misrule Bath Bomb packed some fantastic colours when melted with a wine coloured centre, releasing calming aromas for the colder nights.

Now I know you’re wondering, could the Christmas products be anywhere near as cute as shockingly sweet Halloween products?! Let me introduce you to the Peeping Santa 🎅 and Christmas Penguin 🐧 Bubble Bars, which are back to grace us for Christmas for another year and with those faces, who could resist!

The reusable wands were cute, ideal as gifts for younger members of the family who will no doubt request Frozen on loop during the Christmas holidays.

Those seeking tranquillity over the holidays may wish to purchase Ruby Red Slippers, a Bubble Bar, said to smell the most like Christmas and we all know it comes to relaxation, there’s no place like foam!

For a colourful affair, nothing seemed to beat Northern Lights, which was fizzing away for a number of minutes, decorating the bowl in an array of colours. Released in the colours was jasmine flower and ylang-ylang oils to awaken the senses and many of the bloggers watched intently as the bright colours unfurled.

Some of us also had fun trying on the Papa Noel face wash Jelly, shown below.

My favourite of the Christmas collection had to be Snowie, a Bubble Bar tribute to the legendary David Bowie. Decorated in Ziggy Stardust glory, complete with differently coloured eyes, I almost took him for a starman not a snowman. I just know my mum will love him as much as I do and seeing the tribute took me back to the “David Bowie is…” exhibition we both attended in 2013.

Now all Lush needs is a bat animagus bubble bar in tribute to Alan Rickman’s Professor Snape to add to their next Halloween collection!

Though money was scarce, I had to purchase Snowie & a Sparkly Pumpkin, but I have my eye on the Snow Fairy Body Conditioner and Bubblegum Lip Scrub when I next visit the store.

Thanks to all the staff at The Lush MK store for the demos, I can now say the store has become my new favourite haunt! Check out the new Halloween 🎃 + Christmas 🎅 range before they disappear…

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