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#SprinklesCafe – Visit Holland & easyJet event

(Last Updated On: 08/08/2018)


Those of you read my Visit Holland #MeetTheDutchMasters post will know the Visit Holland team excel in their ability to throw a good party, and their recent #SprinklesCafe event collaboration with easyJet was no exception.


Guests at the press event were welcomed at the easyJet plane door, taken through all the vital security procedures before they were offered the usual drinks or snacks.





Upon leaving their cabin seats, they were transported to Holland with tulips worthy of the Keukenhof tulip gardens and given insight into a Dutch breakfast speciality.





Boterham met hagelslag (sprinkles on buttered bread) is a breakfast staple in the Netherlands, devoured by approximately 750,000 Dutch every day.



Sprinkles on toast is something likely to be met with some scepticism by us Brits, as sprinkles are saved for ice creams and cakes. Though, with Holland named one of the world’s happiest countries in the 2017 World Happiness Report, perhaps we have a lot to learn from our Dutch counterparts.


Of course, it wasn’t going to be just ordinary sprinkles. Guests were able to create one of four Dutch inspired sprinkles:


Van Gogh’s Sunflowers


Mondrian’s Composition II


Royal Delft flowers

Dick Bruna’s Miffy


Needless to ask which one I chose…Miffy of course!



After some careful crafting, I finally succumbed to removing the template and tucking into the sprinkles speciality.




In all honesty, I had not expected to enjoy the sprinkles on toast as I’ve got more savoury than sweet taste buds. To me, toast is best served with my mate Marmite.


Though, I was very pleasantly surprised! I devoured the sprinkles on toast, which brought back fond memories of all the sweet breakfasts I loved during my time in San Francisco *read here.* I had to admit my Miffy design was pretty damn good too…




After trying the sprinkles on toast I can certainly see why Holland is one of the happiest nations and I’m craving more!


Following the sprinkles on toast, it was time for some sprinkles beauty treatments!

I had my nails painted in a sprinkles design by Laura from Imarninails, though wasn’t quite as brave as these partygoers who had their eyebrows and lips covered.






It was lovely to see Simone, Sandra, Champ, Savannah and the rest of the Visit Holland Team – thanks for inviting me.



VCCP KIN created a fantastic Dutch display, with UV neon interactive wall art, Miffy models and a dancing tulip!







With up to 36 easyJet flights a day across U.K. airports at prices as low as £29.99, it’s fair to say I need to get myself to Holland to fully immerse myself in their culture. Check out the video:


Did you attend the Sprinkles Cafe event? Or, do you have any recommendations for visiting Holland? Let me know below 😀

Check out the video:





Jaz xoxo


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