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Netherlands: Concept Stores, Fashion Finds Shopping in The Hague

(Last Updated On: 19/08/2019)

The Hague Netherlands – Trendy concept stores & Dutch fashion! Read more about shopping in The Hague & things to do in The Hague, Holland’s city by the sea!

Exploring South Holland’s city by the sea, The Hague has the cutest cafes and is home to the Dutch Royal Family. Read more about shopping in The Hague and find out why I fell in love with the city.

Shopping in The Hague fashion and concept stores

Where is The Hague


The Hague in The Netherlands may be first and foremost known as the home of the International Criminal Court and The Girl with the Pearl Earring. Though, the city, located a mere 50 minutes train ride from Amsterdam, also has a young cultural scene with trendy concept stores, royal heritage and is South Holland’s city by the sea.

In fact, it was the city by the sea reference that initially sparked my interest, when former Den Haag (as it´s known to locals) PR Chantal talked me through the highlights of visiting the city at Visit Holland’s #MeetTheDutchMasters event.

Those who regularly read the blog will know that I am a drawn to cities where I can soak up some culture as well as some rays, so it goes without saying I was intrigued by The Hague and the seaside resort of Scheveningen.

A Holland holiday to Scheveningen is the perfect alternative to a beach break in the UK and I’ve shared all about Fun Things to Do in The Hague with Kids here on my guest post for The Travel Hack.

 The culture for this particular press trip with Visit Holland (to my delight) was to discover some of the best fashion finds the city has to offer.

Shopping in Uptown Den Haag

We were welcomed to The Hague by Deputy Major Karsten Klein, who was keen for the group to believe all the great things he had to say about the city.


Den Haag City Tour Guide, Remco Dörr took us to a selection of the city’s most unique and cultural stores, whilst giving us a taste of things to do in The Hague. We started our Hague shopping trip by exploring Art Noveau area Zeehelden Kwartier; a young and upcoming area of The Hague.


Namaste Cafe


First stop was Indian infused Namaste Cafe, the first spiritual cafe in The Netherlands. Namaste Cafe is a place where locals can browse beautifully embroidered Indian inspired clothing, enjoy a coffee & a slice a cake or take part in some relaxing yoga.

Namaste Cafe The Hague Netherlands

Coffee for the soul at Namaste Cafe Den Haag

Ethnic shopping in The Hague

The cafe is perfectly located with a clear view of the Peace Palace visible from the windows, which only emphasises its tranquil vibes. The Peace Palace, one of the world’s most photographed buildings has a token gift from every country, with stain glass windows gifted by the U.K.

What to see in The Hague The Peace Palace

Meditation and yoga The Hague Namaste Cafe

Instagram –

Everything & More


This store, soon to be known as Everything & Nowhere when it merges with another local retailer has intricate custom-made lingerie, as well as Christmas cat baubles, which can be modelled on your own feline friend. The purrrfect personal touch to your gifts for the holiday season!

Shopping in The Hague at Everything & Nowhere

The Hague Everything & Nowhere cat baubles

The Hague Everything & Nowhere cat baubles

Gifts in The Hague

One thing I loved about this store is the fact that it was opened when the owner wasn’t able to find a career in fashion after graduating as a Fashion Designer, so she took matters into her own hands! Who says you can’t create your own destiny!

Instagram –

BIJ Priester


BIJ Priester has a kledinbibliotheek, a fashion library where customers can subscribe to rent out clothes in a similar way to borrowing books and with the option to buy, it’s a unique concept where you can try before you buy! The idea behind the fashion library is to stop the over-consumption of fashion, which I’m sure is a concept my Fiancé back home would fully support!

Shopping in The Hague BIJ Priester kledinbibliotheek

kledinbibliotheek BIJ Priester The Hague Netherlands

kledinbibliotheek BIJ Priester The Hague Netherlands

Unlike some libraries, this store is far from boring with eclectic prints, a mish-mash of coloured faux fur jackets and individual touches to give your outfit an edge!

kledinbibliotheek BIJ Priester The Hague Netherlands

kledinbibliotheek BIJ Priester The Hague Netherlands

The store owner Wendy acquired the BIJ Priester from a couple who had the shop for over three generations. Understandably, the couple are delighted with the way Wendy is collaborating with young designers to provide an outlet for their work and inspire creativity in The Hague.

Jewel spider broach BIJ Priester The Hague Netherlands

BIJ Priester shows it’s customers how to be cool for cats…!

Cool for cats fashion kledinbibliotheek BIJ Priester The Hague Netherlands

Instagram –




Collectiv is The Hague’s authentic version of Urban Outfitters with intricate handmade jewellery, quirky homeware and nostalgic toys.

Collectiv Concept Store The Hague Netherlands

jewellery in Collectiv Den Haag Netherlands

My little pony Toy Collectiv Concept Store

My Treasure Dutch Jewellery Collectiv Store The Hague

Shopping in The Hague Collectiv Concept Store Netherlands

The store is a fairly new addition to The Hague. Founded in 2015, Collectiv was initiated by local artists and retailers who produced weekly outdoor markets all over Holland and decided to bring the concept indoors. Supported by the city council, Collectiv provides retail space for around 20 different retailers, from artisans to local designers creating some unique handmade products. The local artists and designers take it in turns to work in the store, which really keeps the authenticity element alive.

Fashion Shopping in Den Haag Netherlands

Collectiv is looking to expand, in the meantime, the retailers still sell their goods in the weekly markets including the Netherlands widely-loved Swan Market. With a variety of chocolates, cheeses and handicrafts I may have to add this to my list for my next visit.


I couldn’t leave Collectiv without picking up these intricate earrings and rose gold necklace. In all honesty, I could’ve spent more in Collectiv but there was too much shopping to do darling!

*Earrings by brand My Treasure Hunts*

Instagram –


Shopping in The Hague can be thirsty work! We stopped for a drink and lunch at Bleyenberg, a trendy bar/restaurant complete with a rooftop terrace. The establishment, named after its seventy-four-year-old owner, has a Mediterranean style kitchen and basement club for those looking to continue the night into the early hours. I can see myself returning to this bar on future trips to The Hague: sunshine, cocktails with a rooftop bar and I’m there!

Rustic interiors at Bleyenberg Grote Markt Den Haag

Bleyenberg Rooftop view of Grote Kerk Den Haag

sunshine and rooftop drinks at Bleyenberg The Hague

Me and Sam Yoko Meshi

Bleyenberg Bar The Hague Netherlands

Instagram –


Credo is the leading men’s multi-brand fashion store in The Hague. One of the most intriguing things about this store is the Clueless worthy, unique virtual reality concept that enables shoppers to compare outfits; emphasising the use of new technology in modern fashion stores.

Men's fashion Credo The Hague

Clueless virtual reality shopping in The Hague

Instagram –

Micheal Barnaart Van Bergen


The individual work of Fashion Designer Michael Barnaart is a firm favourite with many Dutchmen and politicians. His elegant designs connect high-end to ready-to-wear fashion, with his most unique displayed as artworks in museums.

His designs made me reminiscent of the late Audrey Hepburn.

Audrey Hepburn fashion style in Michael Barnaart The Hague

The Hague shopping at Michael Baarnart

Michael is best known for creating the Mondrian dress, a garment inspired by one of The Netherlands most famous artists.

Classic Michael Barnaart Mondrian Dress The Hague

Shopping in The Hague Mondrian Dress Michael Barnaart

Instagram –

The Hague is actively celebrating the 100th anniversary of Mondrian with flags, stickers and shop signage decorated in his famous Composition II design, which are visible all over the city.

Mondrian in The Hague

Mondrian in Den Haag

Molenstraat is one of The Hague’s most popular shopping streets with many concepts stores and cute little cafe restaurants.




Small concept store Listed has Instagram worthy signage as well as a young, trendy vibe. Beachwear, trendy backpacks and vibrant patterned prints add to the variety of this store, which also has its own cafe.

Hague Shopping Listed Store

Shopping in The Hague Listed Store

Hague Shopping Listed Store

Instagram –


Het Appeltaartgevoel


The name of the store translated into English is ‘the apple pie feeling’ with products to make you feel warm, cosy and sensual whilst relaxing at home.

Shopping in The Hague Het Appeltaartgevoel

A variety of different shaped and scented candles awaits in this store. I particularly loved their inspirational postcards, ideal for frames to keep you motivated and inspired at home.

Be Brave and Explore The Hague

Cute postcards Het Appeltaartgevoel Shopping in The Hague

Postcards in Het Appeltaartgevoel The Hague

Dreamer postcard Het Appeltaartgevoel Den Haag

Instagram –

Lady Africa

Last and certainly not least in the fashion stakes is Lady Africa, which brings all of the brights, patterns and colourful designs of The Motherland to The Hague.

Lady Africa Shopping in The Hague

Owners Irene and Gumi pride themselves in injecting a bit of colour into the Dutch fashion scene, showing customers how to blend their bold designs with their everyday clothing.

Irene and Gumi Lady Africa The Hague Netherlands

Colourful fashion Lady Africa Shopping in The Hague

Colourful fashion Lady Africa Shopping in The Hague

If you prefer an understated LBD (little black dress) add a splash of colour with vibrant accessories.

Colourful purses Lady Africa Shopping in The Hague

Colourful beaded necklaces Lady Africa Shopping in The Hague

I loved Irene’s patterned coat. Though it’s minus the bright colours of the other clothes in the store, it makes a real statement on its own.

Store Owner Irene Lady Africa The Hague Netherlands

Instagram –

High Tea at Hotel Des Indes

Our Fashion trip was topped off with high tea at five-star Hotel Des Indes, an elegant hotel which has welcomed royalty and celebrities among its guests.

Luxury Hotel Des Indes The Hague Netherlands

Places to visit in The Hague Hotel Des Indes Netherlands

Outside side view Hotel Des Indes Netherlands

High tea at Hotel Des Indes The Hague


We were well-prepared for such a refined tea as our Tour Guide Remco had already shown us the Palace Noordeinde and, explained the regal history behind Lange Voorhout, Europe’s First Avenue.

Palace Noordeinde The Hague Netherlands

Palace Noordeinde The Hague Netherlands

Palace Noordeinde The Hague Netherlands

The Hague Lange Voorhout Europe’s First Avenue

The Hague Lange Voorhout Europe’s First Avenue.

Dusk Lange Voorhout Europe’s First Avenue The Hague

We were treated to a view of the Palace Suite, one of the hotel’s most sought-after rooms. The Palace Suite comes with its own living area, sauna and even its own terrace with incredible views over the city.

Luxury Palace Suite Hotel Des Indes The Hague

Views from the Palace Suite Hotel Des Indes Netherlands

After our brief tour of the Palace Suite, we enjoyed a lavish high tea, which to my delight had an endless supply of tea (Us Brits love our tea you know!)

High Tea Hotel Des Indes Den Haag Netherlands

Luxury hotel Des Indes Netherlands

High afternoon tea Hotel Des Indes The Hague Netherlands

It was the perfect way to end our trip visiting The Hague.

Instagram –

Places to visit in Hague Netherlands


The Hague may be known best as the home of the International Criminal Court and the second city to the United Nations, though there is much more to it than meets the eye and there are so many things to do in The Hague.

Shops to visit in The Hague

One thing that really shone through in The Hague’s diverse shopping scene was the store owners’ passion for their stores, which creates a community feel to the city. No easy feat for the third largest city in The Netherlands. The stores bring together two Dutch firm favourites bikes and coffee and, I loved this aesthetic as well as the natural and earthy elements brought to life indoors.

Bleyenberg Restaurant The Hague

Ditses & Katjes The Hague Netherlands

Lola Bikes and Coffee The Hague Netherlands

Lola Bikes and Coffee The Hague Netherlands

The buildings are architecturally stunning with concept windows, turrets and unique shaped roofs.

Old fashioned architecture The Hague

Grote Kerk The Hague

City Hall The Hague

City Hall The Hague Netherlands

The Hague City Hall Netherlands

The Hague embraces its cultural and royal roots, whilst providing a trendy haven full of cool shops and cafes for visitors to enjoy when they’re not at the beach.

Its tree-lined streets look beautiful in the autumn and, I’d love to see how the city really comes alive in the summer. With plenty of parks and a beach setting, I can imagine it really is the place to be. I can now see why Deputy Major, Karsten Klein proclaimed The Hague has some of the best living and working conditions in the world. No wonder the Dutch all seem so happy!

Autumn in The Hague

Zeta Den Haag Netherlands

Thanks to our hosts from The Hague Tourist Board and to all the shops for welcoming us into their stores and, providing us with valuable information as well as gifts to take home. Remco sure wasn’t bluffing when he said The Hague is one of the chicest places to visit.

Bike memorial The Hague

shopping streets The Hague

Triangle The Hague Netherlands

Karsten Klein, if you’re reading this I do believe you…The Hague is indeed a shoppers paradise!

I need to return to the Mauritshuis Museum to see The Girl with the Pearl Earring and Goldfinch paintings on my next visit. Intrigued too? I’ve recently returned to The Hague, find out more below.

Welcome to The Hague

Want to find more things to do in The Hague besides shopping? Why not check out the art museums in The Hague and the main tourist attractions in The Hague, Netherlands? Read more in my return visit to The Hague, entitled ‘The Best Things to do in The Hague’, click here!




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