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How to Inspire Travel Wanderlust from Home

(Last Updated On: 07/06/2020)

Can’t travel? What if I told you that you could travel without leaving home!

If not being able to travel at the moment is getting you down in the dumps (I hear ya!), I’ll be sharing lots of tips on how to inspire travel wanderlust from home. No passport required! 

Can't travel? Find out how to travel the world from home! I can't promise to take you from bed to The Med, but I'll be sharing wanderlust travel inspiration to give you staycation ideas at home, destination dining with world food recipes to make at home + cocktail recipes too! Let's travel the world from home!

Inspire Travel Wanderlust from Home with My Travel Fix Tips! 

If like me, you’re yearning for some warm holiday sunshine, good food and the sense of relaxation you normally get from a holiday, then I have some tips for you to create vacation mode at home! I can’t promise it will take you from bed to The Med, but I’ll try my best! 

Turn your Bedroom into a Boutique Hotel Room

I love boutique hotels and the quirky, individual features that make them so unique! In fact, I shared some of my favourites in my recent Best Boutique Hotels in Europe post. 


But, why wait for your next hotel stay to truly enjoy that boutique hotel experience? 

My favourite boutique hotels room stays are the ones that combine chic styling, in terms of colour schemes, fabrics, furniture, and accessories, without looking cluttered. 

It could be that a cluster of pictures hanging on a wall make a feature or that the accessories in your room make a colour pop. 

Less is more, but don’t go too minimalistic, as that’s not creating a liveable space.

I purchased some Hoxton Hotel bedding to compliment my bedroom after my stay. Click here to purchase your own Hoxton Hotel bedding for £8

The Hoxton Paris

Need some boutique hotel home interior inspiration? I’ve shared my favourites on my Boutique Accommodation Pinterest Board or view the images on my boutique hotel posts below:

The Embankment Hotel Bedford

The Cornwall Hotel St Austell

The Swan House Reykjavík

The Painswick Hotel Cotswolds

Lisboa Pessoa Hotel Lisbon

Play your Holiday Hits & Get Dancing

Dancing is a proven mood changer and is a great way to get positive energy going at home. For this reason, I highly recommend doing The Fitness Marshall dances on YouTube.

Pretend you’re in India and bump along to those bhangra beats or twerk yourself to Turkey. 

You catch my drift! I mean, is it even a trip to Greece without listening to Zorba The Greek?! Which brings me on to my next point…

Destination Dining at Home

Local cuisines are a huge part of the holiday experience, at least they are for me! 

Italian Cooking Masterclass Maccagno with Alessio Chef Osteria D'Alberto Lake Maggiore

Whilst not quite being the same, the locals are experts at creating their dishes after all! Why not bring a taste from your favourite holiday destinations home? 

It could be that you brought some olive oil back from Italy (or in my case, some herbs back from Greece) that you were planning on using but hadn’t got around to it…

Now’s your chance! 

Greek Night

Grab yourself some Mythos and Greek essentials such as feta cheese, halloumi, saganaki, tomatoes, pittas and pretend to be in Greece.

Enjoy a refreshing Greek salad in the garden or put some feta in the oven (it tastes so yummy with red pepper or prawns if you have any!)

One of mine and Adam’s favourite meals, when we are in Greece, is gyros (Greek wrap shown above!) We’ve always wanted to make gyros at home, but can never find the wraps where we live! But, that all changed we found a wrap recipe too! Check out the recipes below:

Greek Pitta Bread Recipe

Easy Low-cal Chicken Gyros Kebab Recipe

Greek salad recipe

Easy low-cal souvlaki and tzatziki

Halloumi Kebabs Recipe

If you can still do Zorba’s Dance after tucking into all this, hats off to you! Listen to this great Greek playlist to get that Greek feeling from home!

Mexican Night

Fajitas are a staple dining option in most households and can be a great idea to use up some of your veg (peppers, courgettes). All you need are some fajita wraps and dips (sour cream, guacamole…you get the idea!)

Get some Tex Mex recipe inspiration here:

Easy low-cal chicken fajitas

Alternatively, try making chicken baskets instead! This is a staple dish in my house (I’m having it for dinner tonight) and it’s a great alternative to fajitas or another boring stir fry dish. To make chicken baskets, use Fry-Light or another low-cal spray to spray normal small bowls and place the tortilla wraps in a bowl shape inside and cook until brown (around ten minutes.) 

Stir fry your chicken, drain and cook again with your vegetables as you normally would for ten/fifteen minutes. Serve in your cooked tortilla bowls and top with a tablespoon dollop of sour cream, guacamole, chilli sauce, creme fraiche or whatever you fancy! As you can see, I like a dollop of sour cream and Reggae Reggae sauce with mine!

Play Mexican Music

Indian Night

Now you might be able to cheat at this one as most of us have a curry house located nearby and most have takeaway/delivery facilities!

If not, you can pick up curry staples such as naan bread, poppadoms, spinach and chickpeas up easily from most supermarkets. A home staple for me is using the Mayflower medium curry powder, which has more of a Chinese chip shop curry flavour. It’s only £1 a box from B&M and Home Bargains…

Easy low-cal chicken tikka masala

Easy low-cal korma curry

Easy low-cal lamb rogan josh

After dinner, see how you get on doing a few Bollywood dance moves from YouTube…

Spanish Night

Some of the favourites for me when I’m in Spain or enjoying a holiday in The Canary Islands are seafood paella, seafood soup and Canarian potatoes. 

If like me, you don’t live near the coast and obtaining fresh seafood isn’t easily done, there are still some great options you can try with ingredients you will likely already have at home.

Check out these Spanish recipes:

Spanish omelette recipe

Canarian Potatoes video tutorial

It’s easy to create Canarian potatoes at home, even if you sadly don’t have the traditional mojo sauce to accompany the dish. Basically, you just need olive oil and sea salt! 

Get ready to enjoy some Spanish music and flamenco post dinner!

Italian Night

It’s easy to create an Italian themed dining experience at home, as we all have pasta right? 

I picked up some authentic Italian recipes to try at home on my Italian cooking experiences both in Italy and the UK. Though, in hindsight, I probably did more of the eating than cooking when I attended these culinary classes…

Italian recipes:

Traditional Northern Italy Italian recipes (gnocchi al ragu, Tiramisu are included on the bottom of this post)

Traditional Northern Italy Italian recipes (wild boar, bruschetta, spinach pici spaghetti are included on the bottom of this post)

Learn about traditional dishes in Southern Italy

Easy low-cal spaghetti carbonara

Easy low-cal lasagne

Listen to Italian music for a truly romantic evening.

Make Travel Inspired Cocktails

From Manhattans, Mojitos, Singapore Slings, Bob Marley’s to Sex on the Beach, there are plenty of cocktails you have encountered on your travels to recreate at home.

You might be in Cocktails & Dreams with Tom Cruise serving you, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

Here are some of my favourites:

Sweet Manhattan Cocktail

Pina Colada recipe

Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri

Watch some Travel Shows & Films

You might not know this, but I’m a Film Graduate and films have inspired the majority of my travel adventures. Years of watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Spiderman, Cruel Intentions and tv shows such as Sex in the City and Gossip Girl inspired my first trip to New York. Watching Game of Thrones-inspired my holiday to Dubrovnik, Croatia

Watching cheesy tv shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette where contestants travel all over the world to find love inspired me to visit San Francisco and Bimini. I can’t wait to explore New Zealand after seeing the scenery filmed on The Lord of The Rings. 

Where will your TV or movie night take you?

Watching films give you some escapism, as well as travel inspiration. 

If travel documentaries and shows won’t get you too down in the dumps about not being able to travel, there are some great picks on Netflix.

Listen to a Travel Podcast

When I’m not jet-setting, I like to listen to travel podcasts ranging from solo female travellers to wildlife podcasts. Here are some of my favourites below:

A Girl’s Guide to Travelling Alone 

The Wildlife Tourist

Travel Goals Podcast

What the Pho Travel Podcast

Recap on your travel memories by creating Travel Photo Books & Collages

One thing I never feel like I have enough time to do is to sort through all my travel photos. After all, I do take loads of pictures on my trips! 

I’ve been meaning to buy a HP Sprocket or something similar to print off some of the travel pictures on my phone to hang up or create travel books and collages. 

I guess there’s no time like the present! 

Connect with Nature

Whether you can still get out to do some daily exercise or if you are on complete lockdown, there are still ways to connect with nature at home.

I’ve been enjoying a daily bike ride in quiet nature areas close to home, which has made me realise that I should be doing this once a day anyway! 

If not, perhaps the plants in your garden or indoor plants need some TLC. You will find that helping them, will often help you too.

An instant mood booster for me is to simply walk barefoot on my grass. I probably look like a weirdo to my neighbours, but honestly, it works! 

Spa Experience at Home

Grab those Epsom salts and enjoy a long soak in the bath. It might not quite be The Blue Lagoon or Secret Lagoon, but it’s your own time to fully relax…

Laying back enjoying The Blue Lagoon Iceland

For those lucky enough to own a foot spa, I’m jealous!

Face and foot masks you’ve been harbouring could also make an appearance for a true spa-like experience! Finish off by painting your nails, then voila! 

You could always make some scones and enjoy your very own afternoon tea experience too.

Check out this scone recipe from Visit Britain.

Or, if you live in Milton Keynes – get them delivered from SconeQuest (who I met last year at a local event) and I’ve been meaning to order these myself!

Light yoga and Meditation 

Find a quiet place in your home and enjoy the many online classes available at the moment. YouTube is a great resource for free workouts, such as Yoga with Adrienne, Blogilates.

Though, many studios are offering free virtual classes to enable you to get that studio experience from home. All you need to do is register and download applications such as Zoom. 

Here are some of my picks:

Sweat Studios 


Yoga with Adrienne

The House of Yoga

Enjoy Time in Your Own Backyard 

Sometimes we spend so much time exploring everyone else’s backyard that we forget to explore our own. 

Over the past year, I have enjoyed a girls weekend in York and three trips to the seaside, one to Brighton and two in Cornwall


Whilst it isn’t always possible to travel (certainly at the moment), just take time out and enjoy your garden instead! 

Read a Book

If like me, most of your yearly reading is done on your travels, why not relax with a good book and pretend you’re away? It doesn’t have to be travel related, reading is a good thing to do regardless. 

Radio and books at The Painswick Hotel

I have recently discovered free reading opportunities with Amazon Prime Reading and Audible. This year I have read The Holiday by T M Logan, The Shape of Night by Tess Gerritsen and I’m currently listening to the free audible of Brené Brown’s Daring Greatly, which is a great book to listen to (or read) during this uncertain and worrying time. 

My favourite books that I have ever read are The Handmaid’s Tale by Margeret Attwood and The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory. 

Get Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited for free books, audiobooks & magazines here.

Virtual Travel

Modern technology can be a wonderful thing, enabling you to holiday from home to see the tulips in Holland, browse The Met Museum, The Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and The British Museum. 

The Natural History Museum even has 9 virtual tours, one with Sir David Attenborough, which is always going to be a winner for me!

Trek the world with Google Earth

Go on a Virtual Safari with Animal Cams

Observe the pretty Dutch Tulips with a Keukenhof Virtual Tour

Learn a language

I loved learning French and Spanish at school and did pretty well in my exams. But after a while, both merged into one and not using these skills has meant that I have lost the ability to speak Spanish and French over time.

I’ve particularly wanted to relearn Spanish, and now is as good a time as any to do so! 

Get ready to impress the locals on your next trip abroad with your newly found language skills. 

Here are some language learning tools you might want to check out:



OhhelloKate Spanish Instagram Stories

Wanderlust about your Dream Travel Bucket List

We all book a last-minute trip to jet off somewhere nice, but now is a time for you to truly think about where you actually want to go. 

The improved environmental impacts evidenced by the travel ban has certainly made me be more mindful about my upcoming travels. I will be spending much more time exploring the UK, which is something I wanted to do anyway. 

The top places on my Dream Travel Bucket List are New Zealand, Japan and Costa Rica. I’ve realised that my favourite destinations are the ones that combine culture and nature. I’d also like to visit Malta and return to Croatia and Iceland. 

New York is my favourite place and I really want to return, which inspired me to share a New York First-Timers Bucket List on a recent post.

Learn a new travel-related skill

Whether it’s creating new culinary dishes you’ve discovered on your travels, learning a language or becoming a travel writer. The internet brings a wealth of knowledge to your fingertips.

If you want to become a blogger or improve your skills, I highly recommend The Blogger Course, taught by highly successful Travel Blogger Monica Stott. 

Monica earns six figures from her blog The Travel Hack and her course is beneficial for all people looking to start a blog, whether you want to write about fashion, beauty, travel or something else.

Create a Travel Vision Board

I’ve heard so much about manifesting, whether it’s from my favourite podcasts (The Highest Self, Your Own Magic, The Yoga Girl) to reading books like Light is The New Black (my fave) and The Secret

Create a visually appealing Travel Vision Board using apps like Canva and put it in a place you see on a daily basis (perhaps, a screensaver) to encourage you to put your dreams in action.

This is yet another thing I’ve been meaning to do! 

Watch Travel Vlogs & Read Travel Blogs

Travel restrictions have also negatively impacted Travel Bloggers (like me) and Travel Vlogs, with drops in views having a negative impact on brand collaborations, advertising and affiliate income. 

Behind the scenes, Travel Creators spend hours writing, filming, editing and more to create informative blogs and vlogs. 

Aeriel view of Lisbon from Sao Jorge

Support travel creators by reading their blogs and watching vlogs to inspire your future trips. 

Check out my Travel Destinations, Travel Inspiration, Boutique Accommodation and Destination Dining tabs at the top of the page for inspiration for itineraries, beach breaks and city breaks

Save for your next trip 

Remember, not being able to travel won’t last forever and whilst this will hopefully encourage more meaningful travels in the future, it is a great opportunity to save. 

I’m still waiting on some flight refunds, but just being home rather than booking trips has saved me so much already! 

Use my free travel itineraries to plan your next trip

Reminisce about previous travels 

Rather than being resentful or feel down that you can’t travel, take time to be thankful for all the trips you have already enjoyed. Practice gratitude and reminisce about past trips with loved ones or places you discovered that make you happy to be alive. 

Taking time to pause and reflect, often unlocks things we may not have known about ourselves. For instance, after visiting Iceland, I realised I am more of an outdoorsy adventurous type than I may have given myself credit! 

Admiring the beauty of Iceland in Autumn

What travel memories do you hold dear and where is it you really want to visit in the future, I’d love to know in the comments below 😊

How to travel without leaving home

I hope this post has helped inspire your travel wanderlust from home. Help me spread the feel-good travel vibes (from home) by using the share links to share this post with others! 

Happy (virtual) travels! 



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Can't travel? Find out how to travel the world from home! I can't promise to take you from bed to The Med, but I'll be sharing wanderlust travel inspiration to give you staycation ideas at home, destination dining with world food recipes to make at home + cocktail recipes too! Let's travel the world from home!
Can't travel? Find out how to travel the world from home! I can't promise to take you from bed to The Med, but I'll be sharing wanderlust travel inspiration to give you staycation ideas at home, destination dining with world food recipes to make at home + cocktail recipes too! Let's travel the world from home! #virtualtravel #travelideas
Can't travel? Find out how to travel the world from home! I can't promise to take you from bed to The Med, but I'll be sharing wanderlust travel inspiration to give you staycation ideas at home, destination dining with world food recipes to make at home + cocktail recipes too! Let's travel the world from home! #virtualtravel #travelideas

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  1. 15/04/2020 / 8:42 pm

    I really enjoyed reading this post Jaz, I am obsessed with podcasts on my daily walk, so will check out your recommendations. I have been trying to cook some dishes inspired by my travels, it gives me all the holiday wanderlust! We will get our travel fix haha x

    • thelifeofasocialbutterfly
      15/04/2020 / 9:38 pm

      😂We can but try! I need to get cooking and cocktail making! Thanks so much for reading 😘 Thunking of doing a separate post about podcasts, I love them too xx

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    Love the Travel Vision Board idea Jaz! So many great ideas here, you could almost believe you were on holiday with this amazing weather we’ve had xox

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