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Italian Food – Cooking Masterclass in Maccagno, Lake Maggiore

(Last Updated On: 05/08/2020)

Italian food & cuisine is world-renowned but did you know Italian food varies by region? An Italian cooking masterclass in Maccagno, Lake Maggiore gave me insight into how traditional Italian food dishes vary from the North to South. Find out how to cook some simple authentic dishes commonly cooked in the Lombardy’s Italian Lakes region in my latest post.

Italian Cooking Masterclass Maccagno with Alessio Chef Osteria D'Alberto Lake Maggiore

An Italian Cooking Masterclass in Maccagno with a Professional Chef

It’s not every day you have a professional chef knock at the door with armfuls of ingredients ready to cook some well-known Italian dishes.

Ingredients for an Italian Supper

But, during my stay at the Golfo Gabella Lake Resort, I experienced just that and, it wasn’t the first time this has happened either. Italian food masterclasses are just one of the many bespoke experiences offered by Italian Villa Specialists Bookings For You and it’s such experiences that set them apart from other villa companies. #NotJustAVilla is a not just a hashtag used by the brand, it’s part and parcel of the way Bookings For You immerse themselves in Italian culture with a passion to truly give their guests a sense of authentic Italy.

Holiday at Golfo Gabella Resort Lake Maggiore

Bookings For You Italian Villa discount code

Red Chillis dangling from a doorway in Italy

Stretching the mozzarella cheese in a cheese-making class in Puglia Southern Italy

Such experiences have enabled me to learn about Orecchiette ‘little ears’ pasta, visit local masserias (working farms) in Puglia and taste the difference between authentic Italian olive oil and the not-so-authentic oil commonly sold in the U.K.

Orecchiette 'little ears' pasta dish with fave

Not to mention, the opportunity to try Italian cooked wild boar; a dish that left me craving more ever since (thanks to the Giovannini family.)


I was feeling tired on my arrival to Lake Maggiore, following a late night and early arrival at the airport. In light of this, a hearty Italian meal couldn’t come soon enough. After a quick forty winks, Adam and I got our glad-rags on to meet Charl & Violet (the other bloggers staying at the resort).

We were joined by Alessio who owns Osteria D’Alberto, an intimate restaurant located in the mountains nearby. Alessio enthused as he talked us through the ingredients he had brought with him and the dishes he planned to cook. With wide hungry eyes, I couldn’t help but be swept up in Alessio’s excitement.

Italian Cooking Masterclass Maccagno Italian Riviera

When you think of Italian food, typical Italian dishes such as pizza and pasta spring to mind, but there’s much more to it than meets the eye. Food in Italy varies by region and can actually be quite diverse, particularly in the South compared to the North. 

Do you want to learn more about the food in Northern Italy? Check out the Modena Food Tour of Parmigiano Reggiano and Balsamic Vinegar.

Thin crust Italian Pizza in Stresa

In Southern Italy, you can expect to see lighter pasta dishes which include seafood and lashings of olive oil from the thousands of olive trees that grow in the Southern regions. Antipasti dishes with an assortment of local cheeses and tomato-topped bruschetta are firm favourites.

Olive Trees in Ostuni Southern Italy

In Northern Italy, you can expect to try heartwarming Italian dishes, influenced by the colder climate and European Countries on the border such as Switzerland, France and Austria. Braised meats cooked in stew dishes and rich cheeses such as Grana Padano and Gorgonzola are popular thanks to the vast landscape creating an excellent breeding and grazing area for cattle. I just wish Adam loved Gorgonzola cheese as much as I do…

When it comes to Northern Italy, the food is heavier, richer and fulfilling – the kind of food types I crave as soon as the colder autumn nights draw in. Before you ask, recipes will be included on this post!

The gnocci ragu was my favourite of the evening and is a really heartwarming autumn/winter dish.

Authentic homemade gnocchi al rugu

It just so happens today (the day of posting) is #WorldPastaDay and just like Sophia Loren “I’d much rather eat pasta and drink wine than be a size 0.”

Sophia Loren's love for pasta and wine

The work of a chef is never done. After cooking our delightful meal, Alessio was stopping by his restaurant Osteria D’Alberto to check in with his team. One of the main things that shine through for me is the togetherness element of Italian cooking; from the team spirit to the importance it has on family life.


Alessio not only attributes his commitment and dedication to the love of the job but also the benefits it will have for his family. His wife is expecting his first child (a baby girl) in the next couple weeks.



I only wish Adam has picked up enough tips from Alessio in his Sous-Chef duties; having dinner cooked by a professional chef is a luxury I could get accustomed to!

Wonderful Dining Companions Italian Cooking Masterclass Maccagno

Thanks again to Bookings For You for arranging this Italian cooking experience and to Alessio for all his wisdom and cooking us such a wonderful meal. I hope your daughter enjoys your culinary creations (in due course) as much as we do!

Ready to cook up some Italian Cuisines – click here for recipes gnocchi al ragu and Italian tiramisu

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A Taste of Southern Italy – Cuisine Food Heritage Typical of Puglia

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Italian Food Cooking Masterclass in Maccagno, Lake Maggiore

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*Bookings For You kindly arranged our Italian Cooking Class as part of a press trip to Lake Maggiore. All thoughts, photos and love for Italian food are my own.*


  1. 28/10/2018 / 5:11 am

    What a fun experience! It looks like you had a lot of fun, and the food looks delicious too! 🙂

    Hope that you are having a nice weekend. I had a busy day yesterday but today will be much more relaxed 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • thelifeofasocialbutterfly
      28/10/2018 / 11:16 pm

      The ragu gnocchi was my favourite, such a heart-warming meal! I hope you had a chilled Sunday Mica, thanks for reading xx

  2. 21/01/2019 / 6:32 am

    Oh my god this experience looks so wonderful! I immediately sent a link to my mom who loves to cook, loves italian food and loves working with professional chefs. I’m pretty sure you just determined her next birthday present!

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